Saturday, July 16, 2011

UKAY-UKAY fever!

UKAY-UKAY is never new to me. i've been hooked since high school. what makes ukay so special? it's the fact that you can get good items at very low prices. plus, most of them are signatured. the only thing is they are not brand new. well, that doesn't change the way i appreciate ukay. actually, i have already seen items that still have their tags attached which only proves that they are still unused. but i must say this, you won't appreciate ukay if you are not patient enough because you would really have to check all the clothes, bags, skirts, shoes one by one. you should have very keen eyes to see good buys. and there would also be times when you would have to have the items repaired and fixed to make them look good on you and fit for you. you'd even reach that point when your arms and hands would feel tired because you have been moving from one shirt to another! see, going to ukayans is never a piece of cake. but, it is always fun. what makes you even happier is when your friends would see you wearing this and that from ukay and when you tell them where you got those things, they would all be amused because they don't look like they are from ukay. HAHA. :)

before, i go to ukays only whenever i would feel like going. but now, it became more of a need for me to go there because i would have to look for the corporate attire. actually, my friends and i have been regularly checking out all ukayans in Crossing. there's this one ukayan where we are all fond of buying because they haveblouses and skirts there for "4 for 100" only. cheap, right? haha. 

the last time my friends and i went there (ago, yvonne, jusz), yvonne and i made fun of the weird-looking items. HAHAHA! here are those:

very mayora lang.

na-spot-an na ni yvonne to nung isang beses napunta namin pero sinukat niya ulit nong huli naming punta! haha.

more aura si yvonne. akala mo sasayaw ng ballroom. haha.
mukha daw pantulog. haha.
ginaw na ginaw ampota.

dancer na dancer lang ang damitan a.

anong say mo sa makintab at gigintuing jacket ni te.

kung makabukaka naman.

this is the best part of all!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

aside from the good and sulit buys, the fun makes every ukay experience unforgettable. haha.



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