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Howdy! My name is Nona Marielle R. Reyes. 24 years old. From the Philippines. 

As a thrill-seeker, 
 I wish to be in places I've never been before.

I wish to meet and understand people.

As an enthusiast of the art of words,
I wish to read more books.

I wish to write.

As a hopeful,
I wish to seize every chance at happiness.

Let me let you know my life.

Let me let you be in my shoes through this beautiful space.


This is a journal of some sort. I post about whatever comes to mind - random things, silly things, memorable things, whatever.

This is my way of de-cluttering my mind because I have too many thoughts. I can't keep track of things because sometimes I think faster than I can write.

I keep this blog, so I don’t forget the things that happened, the things that were, the things that still are, and the things that will be.

This blog, I have come to realize, is my place of refuge, my happy place.

In short, this is that place where I overshare.

Feel free to leave comments and ask questions.

E-mail address: nonamariellereyes@gmail.com

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