Friday, August 7, 2015

Lobo 2015: Lost Behind the Mountains

Oh, what beautiful paradise have I gotten lost in, so beautiful that I would not have minded not finding my way out.

The long travel leading to Lobo from Batangas City was roadtrip material on all counts – zigzagging roads, rural living nuances, fresh air, luscious green trees, and mountainside scenery. It has everything. Though the trip was long and draining, the view was able to lift my spirits up. Thinking that I went to Batangas just from Laguna with all the tiring transfers and travel experiences only makes it sound so ridiculous.  

Punta Verde Dive is a part of the two-division Punta Verde Resorts, the other one being Punta Verde Sands, found in Lobo, a gem of a municipality in Batangas. Dive is the hidden haven which exudes that raw, disconnected-from-all-things-citylike, home-away-from-home ambiance. It’s the perfect getaway that makes one think of all the things it’s missing by being away from a place this serene and pretty.
The beach resort didn’t feel crowded at all despite the other guests present the day we checked in. The huts were strategically built far from each other, as in many hill steps away (*panting to death* lol), while the lodges were on the other side of the resort. So even when there were other visitors, it still felt like it was just us in a world of our own, no bumping into random strangers, no breaking of moments. Amen.
While other beaches boast sands so fine and white, Lobo Beach is best known for being a pebbled beach. This is not to say that it’s all pebbles. There’s also another portion of the beach which has fine sand. Best of both – WOW, LOBO. It’s also a favorite spot for divers because of its rich marine biodiversity. The water’s clear. We saw it during low tide upon our late afternoon arrival and during high tide first thing in the morning on our second day. The pebbles of different shapes and sizes were nice to look at and play with. It’s also because of this stones that walking barefoot in this area is the worst you could do. We were alone in our own shell during that morning dip by the beach because it was just us there yet again, like all the world’s ours to take in.
The infinity pool is something else. This huge pool sits atop the resort cliff and offers water just the right mix or warm and cold. It’s also not that deep, so I definitely enjoyed swimming. Overlooking the entire beach, you can only imagine how beautiful the sight is. It is the spot to be for the perfect viewing of the vast ocean. And because it is so far from the city, there wasn’t anything that felt out of place in sight – no commercial building, no billboard, no cable wires. Even when I tried extending my view at the farthest part my eyes could reach, I barely saw anything unnecessary. We spent quite a long time in this area – lying on the pool benches, sitting on the poolside and floating along the edges while finally being able to shake and laugh off all that took us to get here.
The rooms and amenities are all very nice; I’d even say they are still somewhat new. They have pavilions, huts and lodges which are very affordable already, considering the quality of service and accommodation. Aside from swimming, activities like kayaking and museum visits are also being offered. Although we didn’t get to try out kayaking (kayaks were under repair), we were able to go to the small museum which houses the owners’ collection of photographs and other memorabilia that are a part of Philippine history. Pretty interesting collection, I must say!
Aside from the place being the paradise that it is, it was also all that we went through that made us appreciate everything that this place has and is even more. We almost didn’t make it to the resort. How I would have been so disappointed if that really were the case. No commuting jeepneys or tricycles were available. Apparently, only one tricycle (two at most) makes such trip daily. Luckily, one jeepney carrying grocery supplies from the city (I guess) along with other passengers passed by, and the driver let us hitch a ride. Province feels!

I guess it wasn’t really lack of information, as all necessary warnings have been laid out before us, that made us go through such ordeal. It was mainly just us really wanting so very badly to go because the place was so inviting for our taste. We made up our minds, blocked negative thoughts and worries off our minds then off we adventured, not minding the things we were about to face.
The popular lighthouse in Punta Malabrigo, Lobo, Batangas
And our spot, that part where our hut was stationed, I believe has the best view ever. This is what we would see every time we would come out. Need I say more?
I have a number of takeaways from this beautiful and experience-packed trip – that there still are places that enthuse rural living, that pebbled beaches can be just as calming as fine sand ones, that being atop the world is nothing short of a blessing, that destination sometimes more than makes up for the long, winding and harrowing journey, that Lobo is something else, and that a part of me hopes the place stays the same because there is beauty in its lack of things.

It’s never too late to celebrate birthdays.

Hope to be back! This time with a car of our own! :)

You may check the resort’s website at

*All photos are by me!


  1. Thanks for visiting our simple town! Glad you enjoyed! Loboan here :)

    1. Hi, Arianne! I read your comment just now, sorry. :) You must be proud of your hometown, what a gem of a place. And I'd like to think of myself as lucky to discover and experience it. Hope to be back! :)

  2. Thanks for visiting our simple town! Glad you enjoyed! Loboan here :)

  3. You blog is making me more excited!! I'll be there later!!! Thanks!

    1. Really?! I hope you have the best time there. Lobo is such a beauty. I already miss it! :) Thank you for dropping by my blog btw! Much appreciated! :)



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