Thursday, January 29, 2015

An Open Letter to God for Mom

Dear God,

I’m here to pray for someone who multitasks so much in life. This is my prayer about a person who acts as a concerned friend, a devout Christian and follower of the Divine Mercy, a volunteer civil servant, a neighbor, an encourager, a martyr, a punching bag for emotions, a wife, a grandmother, someone every child would want for a mother, (as of late) a very caring sister, and the queen of my universe, my superwoman – my mommy.

She amazes me at how much work she can squeeze in the numbered hours of everyday, how she could attend to so much obligations. She does so much that I feel she almost forgets to look after herself sometimes. So much time for others, so little for herself.

This is my gift for her. She prays a lot for other people. It’s time someone else prays for her too.

I pray for my momma’s health and strength. I’m very much aware that, considering all the hazards present in this lifetime, to reach 60 may already be considered a great blessing for anyone. My mom, well, she’s more than 60 years old now and still hustling it. She’s just the coolest because she manages to maintain the youth of her heart. She’s the favorite lola of all her grandkids for a reason. Ffor that, I’m beyond thankful already, but I also hope she stays this healthy and strong for longer ‘cause we still got a lot in store for her, particularly me. I still haven’t paid back all the good things she had done and is still doing for me.

Even when I already know she’s being showered with love by all the people around her because she’s just as loving in return, I still pray that people won’t get tired of expressing just how much they love her in all the ways they can. This goes especially to us children of hers. Because we have always been so aware of her presence in our lives, we sometimes take her for granted and forget to show her true worth as our mother. I shall strive to be more communicative and appreciative of her.

In connection, I also wish that she sees all the love she’s surrounded by. She has her problems, everyone does, but don’t let her succumb; don’t let them overshadow the more important things, like that of love.

I pray that she doesn’t lose her sense of purpose in this world. She’s a lot of things, and she’s so much more.

May she keep her wisdom intact and use it for the benefit of everyone around her. Let her voice of reason be used to better other people.

I pray that you keep on showering her with blessings, big and small, that she achieves all her other aspirations because I believe she is still entitled to have dreams even at this point in her life.

Most important of all, thank you for giving her her life, best gift of all. If not for her, none of us siblings would be here, so thank you!
It may already be two weeks since her day, but the sincerity of this prayer is as genuine as ever.

Belated happy birthday, mommy! My love for you is way beyond my insensitivity and misgivings. I love you!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Year 2015: Goals and Impressions

I haven’t officially started my blog life this year yet, as I have to compartmentalize the happy clutter that is going on in this heck of a brain first. There’s so much to tell, and I can’t wait to do just that, but I don’t want to do it in such a hurry that I don’t get to give justice to every good thing. And so, I am writing this down as an overview of what’s to come.

In so far as adventures, trips, dates, and plans are concerned, my year is shaping up to be a pretty exciting one. I hope that all of these plans come to life (while I also hope that my pocket won’t be as empty as I indulge hahaha).

Travel is in everyone’s list this year. I want to experience new places near and far. Summer is nearing. We all know what this means. But before all the beaching, there are other important dates in line as well – birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I just can’t wait for everything to happen!

As a solution to my being an ambivert, I shall strive to balance my extroversion with my introversion by spending just as much time going out to see my best buds and the world as staying in for some home time with the family and loved ones and myself. Both are different in experience but same in pleasure.

Books and movies and series, three things I felt I have neglected in the last semester of my 2014 which I have added in my goals list to make up for this year. I am coming back to late nights of binge-everything-ing because that’s what I do.

Writing/blogging was also a bit set aside last year which was a late realization for me. I never want to lose the fire of my love for this diversion, as it’s become a great companion of mine both when I’m feeling down and cheery. It’s also one pursuit in which I wish to improve on greatly, and neglecting it last year was a move which dragged this dream/goal down a bit. So this year I pledge to give this more time and thinking, and more time and thinking. This makes for a great first baby step.

These are just a few of my semi-goals aspirations for this year, but I am not closing doors on any other opportunities. Anything can happen, but now I am not just going to take whatever life gives me. I’ll weigh matters first. That’s another change for me. It’s time.

These things are more personal than career-driven, I know. Career is another matter altogether, and I want to keep my more serious plans to myself in the meantime until I am ready to share them when I have already crafted concrete steps and goals.

Let’s do this one first. J

I love you, 2015! I’m owning you!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


From the usual Christmas parties my college mates and I hold, we have decided to go for something more fitting, intimate (but still wild and fun) and religion-considerate this time – FRIENDSGIVING.
Actually, there wasn’t much of a difference. It only partly changed the vibe of the party by putting the real focus on the F.R.I.E.N.D.S at that moment, but the faces and fun were the same.
We were more in attendance compared last year. Hence, we were out of control. Loud voices overpowered and mixed with other loud voices, and the hosts could barely do anything to calm everyone down for the games. Voices would lower down for a few seconds then full chaos again. It rained gifts and prizes as well. That feeling of receiving a gift would never ever get old. Each was also awarded special recognitions for the eccentricity that made each lovable and despicable at the same time.
Above all the loudness, though, was this feeling of intimacy. Maybe we just really missed each other. I mean, we hadn’t seen each other’s faces in a long time. We had so much to share that we were all so restless and hyperactive. We didn’t know where to begin, which to talk about first, how to compress all our stories and laughter. And we only had the night for everything because this is the only time of the year we get to be this complete.
I guess it was also the intimacy of the night that gave me the courage to finally share a very important part of my happy life right now – the boyfriend. So there were actual and “almost” tears that were totally unexpected. Dear friends were that affected. I was moved. I was not prepared for the overflow of love and support from them. Their happiness was all so genuine. Beyond grateful for these friends!
To Jerome and Kreng, thank you so much for putting all this together. All your sweat and convincing powers and harsh words paid off. *wink-wink You guys did it! Thank you for organizing all of this year’s special events. A for Effort!
Special thanks are also in order for the following people’s generosity: Vyna for the cake (From Dubai with love! We hope to have you here next year), Purita for the cute knives (Seriously, why a knife? Hahaha) and Marfi for her special gifts (Unique gifts for each, big time! You really know what we like)!
At the end of the day, we’re all just kids trying to have fun. Because at this point in time when every chance at letting loose and letting our hair down is not as easy to get as it used to, spontaneous moments like this night are a treasured gift we get to truly enjoy when we are with the people who are just as crazy as us.
To quote my friend Jusz:

“Here's to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family. #Friendsgiving2014

Enough said.

Let’s open the year by spending it with the people we love most.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!!!

(Late post)

*Big thanks to Monica Mangalino, Paul Maunahan and Antoniette Pulutan for the lovely photos!


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