Thursday, January 29, 2015

An Open Letter to God for Mom

Dear God,

I’m here to pray for someone who multitasks so much in life. This is my prayer about a person who acts as a concerned friend, a devout Christian and follower of the Divine Mercy, a volunteer civil servant, a neighbor, an encourager, a martyr, a punching bag for emotions, a wife, a grandmother, someone every child would want for a mother, (as of late) a very caring sister, and the queen of my universe, my superwoman – my mommy.

She amazes me at how much work she can squeeze in the numbered hours of everyday, how she could attend to so much obligations. She does so much that I feel she almost forgets to look after herself sometimes. So much time for others, so little for herself.

This is my gift for her. She prays a lot for other people. It’s time someone else prays for her too.

I pray for my momma’s health and strength. I’m very much aware that, considering all the hazards present in this lifetime, to reach 60 may already be considered a great blessing for anyone. My mom, well, she’s more than 60 years old now and still hustling it. She’s just the coolest because she manages to maintain the youth of her heart. She’s the favorite lola of all her grandkids for a reason. Ffor that, I’m beyond thankful already, but I also hope she stays this healthy and strong for longer ‘cause we still got a lot in store for her, particularly me. I still haven’t paid back all the good things she had done and is still doing for me.

Even when I already know she’s being showered with love by all the people around her because she’s just as loving in return, I still pray that people won’t get tired of expressing just how much they love her in all the ways they can. This goes especially to us children of hers. Because we have always been so aware of her presence in our lives, we sometimes take her for granted and forget to show her true worth as our mother. I shall strive to be more communicative and appreciative of her.

In connection, I also wish that she sees all the love she’s surrounded by. She has her problems, everyone does, but don’t let her succumb; don’t let them overshadow the more important things, like that of love.

I pray that she doesn’t lose her sense of purpose in this world. She’s a lot of things, and she’s so much more.

May she keep her wisdom intact and use it for the benefit of everyone around her. Let her voice of reason be used to better other people.

I pray that you keep on showering her with blessings, big and small, that she achieves all her other aspirations because I believe she is still entitled to have dreams even at this point in her life.

Most important of all, thank you for giving her her life, best gift of all. If not for her, none of us siblings would be here, so thank you!
It may already be two weeks since her day, but the sincerity of this prayer is as genuine as ever.

Belated happy birthday, mommy! My love for you is way beyond my insensitivity and misgivings. I love you!

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