Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nasugbu 2015: When Days Cross at Sea

Wanderlust got the better of me once more. I wasn’t looking for any particular place to go, only that I wanted to go. And I did, with the family.

I found myself one afternoon in Nasugbu, Batangas. I was so happy to escape. I was in the pool then I was on the beach. I am not at home, but I am home.
Bernabeach Resort
The sand wasn't white. It was black as black could get. Though not in the color I preferred, at least it was powder fine. My feet were happy to step and sink in such black fineness. What was very sad was the amount of trash I saw everywhere on the shore. There were also some flowing in the water. Such ugliness made me feel a bit disgusted by the beach and lose my interest to walk around longer. I am not sure whether the guests who feel it is not their responsibility to clean up whatever they mess up did this or the locals who go roaming around in the morning or at midday who don't give an f's worth whatever happens to this beautiful gem of theirs. Whoever caused all this, it’s sad, nonetheless. I wish I could say I had such a really, really, really great time spending it in the sand and the salt if not for the terrible situation the beach itself is currently in. But I found other ways to amuse myself.
What the beach lacked or overdid the resort pools were able to make up for. They were cleaner, clearer and bluer. They exuded a very relaxing yet classy vibe to it. I admit I spent more time by the pool area because I was more comfortable hanging around by the pool chairs watching the rest of the guests swim to their delight. Swimming on a cold January/February day is not the same when you would go on another month. It was very, very cold. The breeze equated to goosebumps. Dipping in the water was a challenge; staying in it was an ordeal. And though I didn’t hover and float longer than two hours, it was still amazing.
The following day was a nice day. It was a good thing I found a spot with fewer garbage, so despite the ugliness, it still felt really nice sitting by the shore while looking at clear blue skies with no cable wires or towering buildings blocking the view. Aaah! That's something people don't get to experience everyday anymore, so that's really worth the travel and energy. There will always be nothing like it! Also, mornings by the beach, who wouldn't want that? Cold, salty wind in my hair, pure sand on my toes and the calm sun over my head, yeeeessss!
Though not the first time I touched the sands and waters of Nasugbu, I still managed to create new firsts in this paradise. It couldn’t have gone more memorable than that, surely, and I’m just glad to have been able to preserve such memories in my mind forever and immortalize them in these few shots.

I am happy to have been able to cross off January and start this fresh month in a place that reminds of how good life really is and how loved I truly am. This is the kind of thing I pay for, the reason I take on the hassles brought about by travelling and the basis I am in love with myself and my life and this world so completely. I am always a brand new person after I have gone to every beautiful place with a more positive perspective of this gorgeous mess and a different hunger to taste the wind and water that is nature.

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