Friday, December 30, 2011


123111. saturday.

who says christmas is over? well, not yet in Perceptions. haha! 

from NRN. thanks! :)
foldable bag. very useful especially these days that i always have to bring a lot of things. haha!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

perks, freebies, prizes, and gifts! (only at Perceptions)

122311. friday.

just wanna share the happiness and generosity i experienced from the wonderful people of Perceptions. :)

i started my internship november 14. this only means i've been there for just a month and a few days now yet they've been this kind to me already. i'm so grateful my training is in Perceptions. :) haha! i'm lucky 'coz it so happened that my internship is during the period where there're a lot of events at the office. haha! one good example is christmas, the season of giving! haha! and when someone gives, another receives! haha! yes, i'm the great receiver. haha!

here are some of the items i got! 

let's start with the KRIS KRINGLE gifts! 
something hot and spicy, something fun and cute! haha!
something bright and colorful!
the christmas lights were the reason my KPOP name was revealed! haha! during the kris kringle, you have to make sure that nobody catches you when you get your gifts so that they won't know who you are. those who won't get caught will receive prizes. sadly, my mommy had this brilliant plan of making sure she'd catch me. what she did was she wrapped the christmas lights around the illustration board and had the lights turned on when she put it in the gift box! o hell! i had no choice. i wasn't able to find a way to secretly get it since the lights were so obvious! haha! 

next are the raffle prizes! :)
airbus watch.
a digital photo frame. you can also play music and watch movies using this. :)  thanks, discovery. this will inspire me to do the MCB better and faster! hahaha!
finally, the gifts from the beautiful people of Perceptions. :)
thanks, ms. trix! i don't see her all the time but still she gave me this! sweet! thanks!
thank you, ms winnie. something challenging. haha!  i'm not good at this. haha!
ms. raquel gave this to me. thank you! she's so nice and makulit and  maldita too! i like her. haha!
what i received from kuya whom i have given little gifts for four days. thank you, kuya! very useful. hehe.
cute skirt. the accidental gift from funny mavic. she's the nicest. :) THANK YOU!
and just like all the other employees, i also received ham from GMN! haha! cool.  they are so nice. they always count me in. :) make me feel i belong somehow. :)

actually, there's another gift from joy. it's just that i already ate it and i wasn't able to take a picture. haha! anyways, thank you joy! haha!
more than the material things, it is the thought that's so touching. these may be simple gifts but i absolutely value each of them. :)

THANK YOU, PERCEPTIONS. i wish to have more wonderful moments while i'm still there. hope everyday becomes a treat. :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

lezdodiz PASAY!

112611. saturday.

just sharing some photos of our room in Pasay where we'll be staying for three months maybe. haha! it's pretty small, but it's just enough to provide us a space to relax after every day's encounter. haha! and i believe it's not bad at all. it's kinda cute. haha!
the curtains gave the room life.
we don't have much things here but we still manage to live each day, and besides, we always get home late and we're all tired that we wouldn't even have time to watch tv or even surf the net. hehe. with just the three of us, everything's workable. it's more of give and take with the chores that we gotta do and even with the things we need. tapang prepares our umagahan, hanawoods volunteers to fold tapang's mattress cover, and i buy the yelo! haha! whatever happens, it's just in the three of us with whom we can rely. i bet we're gonna be independent somehow 'coz there'll be no one else who'll do things for us but us. gotta learn how to be a responsible roommate to them. gonna appreciate more the things our parents do for us, from the 'littlest' up to the hardest. haha! 
hanawoods while washing the dishes after dinner. haha!
and since we don't have a TV nor a radio (actually, we used to have a radio, but due to tapang's carelessness, it's now gone. haha!), all that we do as we get home is to just talk about how our day went. doing so keeps us busy even without the things that we're used to having. haha! we'd be laughing hard every time. and it's because of this that the girls in the other rooms beside us are already annoyed. they even sent their concerns to the owner. they were saying that we are too noisy. we were like "what the hell is their problem?!" haha! maybe we're loud sometimes, but they are just as loud at times too, so why the fuck are they so pissed? haha! as for me, the more they get mad, the happier i become. haha!!! they are being ridiculous. 
so far, so good. that's what i can say about our, what, two weeks stay here though there were some petty problems with our water supply, our bathroom light bulb, the duplicate keys issues and more. hahaha! those problems make us more alert in all that we do in a funny way. haha!

and it is by living here that i realized more how bad i feel when i am not at our home. i always feel homesick, as in always. there's not a second that i don't miss home. i am such a homebuddy. i can just spend the whole day there not doing anything and not feel bored or anything at all. o man, why does it have to be this hard? haha! i miss calamba too, the calambeño  and batangueño accent, the traffic jam every morning, the smoke from the jeepneys and tricycles, though there are far more vehicles and chaos in pasay, it still feels different, different in a way that only me can understand. haha! 

our stay here is surely gonna teach us some lessons. but we'll just let the lessons unfold as we go through this whole internship thing. haha!

tara biglaan, ano?

111011. thursday.

EK + swimming. :)

a week ago we had no plans of going anywhere together. but in just a snap, after their biglaang lakad at paseo de sta. rosa, we were about to have fun at Enchanted Kingdom. haha!

o yes, we went to EK. haha! we were fascinated to think that this EK trip which we originally planned when we were still in our first year had finally come to life! haha. can you believe that? none of us thought that we could still push through with it after three years. haha! it's also funny just thinking that it happened when we didn't really have any formal discussion about going there. haha! 
di pa nakakapasok sa EK, di na agad nagpaawat sa pagpapa-picture e. haha!
ago, je, fi, jonas, juwie, zhello, yvonne and i were present during that day. haha! what made it extra special was the fact that our dearest fionna and cherry also went with us. haha! they are so sweet. cherry didn't attend an activity at school just to be with us. so touching. haha! it only showed how much they wanted to join us. haha! i'm sure they did not regret spending the day with us 'coz it was such an awesome day! as in! haha!
cherry, jonas and fionna.
when we got to EK, these were the rides we enjoyed:

flying fiesta.
flying fiesta served as the warm-up ride for everyone. haha!

anchors away.
this was the ride that tested juwie's 'capacity'! hahaha! she was soo scared and felt nauseated after we rode anchors away. what's funny is that she was actually the one who wanted to sit at the farthest row 'coz she thought it was gonna be cool, but then no. it was not cool, not for her. haha! she was seated between me and marfi. she had her eyes closed while her hands tightly held our laps during the ride! haha! that's how scared she was. haha! now we know the real capacity of juwie! she even joked. she said, "guys, makipag-away na lang tayo o." haha! she'd rather get in a fight with anyone than riding anchors away again. haha!
jungle log jam.
haha! it was my first time to ride on jungle log jam so i had no idea. what i only know is that we're gonna get wet! haha! and so it happened. haha! the sleeves and back of my blouse were wet, but due to the sun's heat, they were dry in just an hour. haha!

roller skater.
this was the ride that juwie enjoyed most she said. haha! i agree. no hassle, just fun. but it's a different case for yvonne. jerome was with her during the ride and he told us that yvonne was screaming her lungs out from the beginning up to the end of it. haha! i dunno why. 

the rialto experience was just cute as always. what we watched was happy feet. hehe. we just sat there and let our seats move and shake us according to what the characters were doing. haha! it also served as a cooling place for us 'coz we were already soaked in the sun's heat for a long time. thank goodness the room was air-conditioned. haha! 
buding, ago and yvonne while waiting in line.
this is ago before the start of happy feet. i am the one on the seat beside her. i'm not visible in the picture though. hahaha!
space shuttle.
the death-defying space shuttle. haha! this was supposed to be second in the list of our rides, but because some were still doubtful whether they'd go or not, it became sixth. haha! only juwie and je didn't come. they really didn't want to, and it is pretty understandable why. haha! i was so scared too! scared as hell just like each one of us. haha! while we were on the line, we nervously watched those who were already locked in their seats at space shuttle! o god! watching them was not helpful 'coz it even made us feel more afraid. haha! the moment we were the next in line for space shuttle,we never stopped screaming. we even blamed fi for making us ride! hahaha! and then, we were already seated and locked. there's nothing we could do then! help us! haha! during the ride, i was screaming in fear, letting all the bad words come out of my mouth to at least lessen the fear. fionna, who was my partner during the ride, said, "ate nona, nabingi ako sa mura mo e." couldn't blame her. hahaha! my eyes were closed. there were only  a few times when i opened them and closed them again as fast as i could. haha! but when we were done, we all felt glad! we felt fulfilled 'coz we have conquered the ride we feared most. haha! truth is we felt less of what we expected. it was not as intestine-tingling as we thought it would be. haha! 
looking at this makes me wanna back out. haha! can't blame me. haha!
this is juwie. haha! she didn't join us in this ride. said she couldn't do it. hehe.
after the space shuttle experience! we were all so high! haha!  the ride was sooo much fun!
rio grande rapids.
fi, juwie, yvonne, and i were not able join them. haha! they said they had fun. haha! they were all so wet just as expected. 
horror booth.
the name horror booth is just the opposite of what we all experienced haha! we were never horrified. we laughed all the while inside! haha! the experience was so, so funny especially that part at the shaking hanging bridge! hahaha! fi and i did nothing at that bridge but jump and jump and jump while we were laughing hard because of jonas' teeth glowing in the dark!!! haha! it was soo funny! can't forget the feeling.

wheel of fate.
it was only me, je, jonas, buding, and juwie who got to the wheel of fate. haha! the others decided to go to anchors away and jungle log jam again. haha! i was so excited of wheel of fate 'coz i haven't experienced it yet. haha! but shit, oh shit. i shouldn't have been excited at all. haha! it was so scary when we were up in the air! haha! the five of us was like shouting at each other in fear. we'd scold anyone of us who'd make our seat move. we felt like we could fall right there and then with just one wrong move. haha! the view was great. you could see the whole EK plus the places that surround it, but we were not able to appreciate it that much 'coz we were all afraid. haha! juwie was so scared again. haha! what's funny was when the three gays in the other seat were happily and calmly singing together while we were beside them dying in nervousness. haha!
juwie again. now she can't even move a muscle 'coz she feels like vomiting! haha! poor juwie.
last picture before we leave EK. haha!
and since it's biglaan, the plan of going to paseo was changed into going to yvonne's resort for a swimming. haha! biglaan at biglaan lang ba? haha! 

when we got there, 

kainan na solid sa sarap at saya.
kwentuhan na solid. alams na.
moni sila.
si yvonne napapraning na naman. haha!



fionna , jonas and cherry were not able to come with us anymore, but it's till all right. haha! i know they had so much fun. i had to go home by 1:30, so i left them. haha! 

lesson of the story: pag biglaan, natutuloy. haha!


thanks to je for all the photos! hahaha!

Starbucks lovin'

i wasn't a fan of this coffee restaurant, but when i had a taste of these two beautiful things, the story's changed. haha! 
chocolate chip frappuccino. :)
i'm speechless. haha! i want 10 of this. haha!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ako'y Batang Creative

102511. tuesday.

sembreak. sounds exciting? well, we found a more exciting yet fulfilling way of starting ours.

we helped out  and gave back to the kids of brgy. 3, the sweet, jolly, and playful kids. haha!

originally i was not part of this community service project  because i belong to another group, the Youth Got Talent group. but when madam myla asked me to join, i wasn't able to say no anymore. i don't know why but she's got that charm in convincing me that i'd just have to agree with all her requests. haha!

yvonne, hanawoods and i met the other volunteers at sto. tomas church (monica, masa, jestine, rox, rhisgine, marlon, jl). we went straight to sto. tomas gym where the program would be held. there were still few things to finish - setting up the chairs and tables, inflating the balloons, putting the biscuits in the bags, and rehearsing for the program proper. since it would start by 1 p.m., we went to a near cafeteria and had our lunch first. haha! when we returned, we got to relax a bit and then the kids, together with their parents, started to arrive. here we go now. haha! paul and i were starting to feel the tension 'cause we knew that things were not gonna be easy. haha! we thought we'd be dealing with kids. we knew how kids are. makukulit. malilikot. some are easy to please, some are not. every kid is different. we readied ourselves for this day yet we still felt unsure if things were gonna turn out well. the original Ako'y Batang Creative group said these things 'cause they have already held the same program last sem. according to them, the kids really were hard to assist and deal with. some kids would be leaving their seats to roam around the gym. some would cry. some were not cooperative. some were not energetic while some were too energetic. haha! see, those were our fears. haha!
then, myla, ms. a, ms. lyka, ms. marlene, monica lois, mame, and kuya driver arrived. when everything was into place, the program began. haha! there were a lot of prepared activities, both group and individual activities. haha! there were bring me with a twist, puzzle, creative tinapay making, and proper hand washing demo. the facilitators were assigned to each table where kids stayed. haha! almost all the kids got medals. i was so happy every time one of the children in my assigned table wins. i feel as though i was the one who won. haha!  we also gave away loot bags containing soap, pencil, eraser, and towel. for the kids' food, they were provided with biscuits, cupcakes, and water. haha! 
group picture of the kids after the program. haha.
i can say that everyone did enjoy the activity - the kids, the parents, and the facilitators. haha! the goal of the project, which was to let the kids learn while having fun, was achieved. it's such a nice feeling whenever you see the faces of the kids with smiles on them. i am not related to them in anyway,  but they gave me so much happiness. i don't regret that i woke up early because i know that these kids would drive away the stress that i have. it was such a fulfilling activity. this is among the things that would satisfy the soul. through this, we were able to share a part of us in helping the kids to know that they are not neglected but given enough attention. i believe it is very important to every child. i hope next time there'll be more activities like this, there'll be more students who'll participate, and there'll be more kids who'll benefit. hehe.

on november 9, we'll also be having our own group's community service program for the teenagers. YOUTH GOT TALENT. i wish more will attend. i am looking forward to another self-fulfilling activity. hehe.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


102711. thursday.

there's no stopping now. haha! i am now catching up with everything that i missed when i was busy. books are piled up on my desk waiting to be read. 

right after reading 2nd chance, i started with james patterson's 3rd degree. as i said, there's no stopping now. haha. 
this is the funniest part. i read this name "hannah wood." eh we have this classmate joanah who we call "hannawoods." haha! coincidence.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

why read?

110511. saturday.

i am currently watching a show which has nicholas sparks as guest. he shares his stories on  how he got his first break as a writer, how he writes his novels, and why he writes in the first place. haha! everything is from a writer's perspective. 

now, i got inspired to blog. this time i wanna write from a reader's perspective. 

more and more people are beginning to read novels and short stories. but still, there are far more people who don't understand why readers are hooked in reading. 

i wanna share my countless reasons why i read and why i will never stop reading.

as for me, i read to escape, well, to be some place else. when you read, at least you forget about everything for a moment. no worries, no problems, just the novel. it's like the book takes you away in a place where only the two of you are there. reading helps you to somehow not think of the other things. you won't have to be disturbed by other thoughts for awhile. 

i read so that i can go to places. you know, when you read, you are brought to a different dimension, in a dimension where you become a voyeur to the lives of the characters you follow. at one point, you get to have a feel of what it's like to be in that particular place or situation, may it be a place you haven't been to or an incident you haven't encountered yet. 

i read to know. when you are a reader, you are open to an endless pot of knowledge. first and foremost, you will have a wider vocabulary. you will learn so much from encountering unfamiliar words, learning about cross-cultural differences, meeting different people, understanding job descriptions, to even getting a bit of idea about some technical things on different branches of study, and a whole lot more. you see, there're a lot of opportunities in learning you'll get as you read. this is among the things that make me love reading all the more. every time i learn something, even if it is the smallest and simplest thing, i already feel like i am enriched and nourished. it's like every new detail learned is my own dose of supplement for the mind.

i read to feel. you'll laugh, cry, lament, hate, curse, and most of all, you'll love as you read. you'll feel thrill, excitement, sadness,  fulfillment, envy, or happiness depending on what kind of novel you're reading. what's best about novels and stories is the fact that, most of the time, a novel will let you feel not just one emotion, but three, four, or more. but, there will always, always be one emotion that will out-stand all other emotions, again it depends on what genre you're reading. sometimes, novels let you feel something you haven't felt yet. at that one point, a novel can make you fall in love for the characters though they are just make-believe. some would call it fantasizing, but i would rather call it 'feeling for a moment.' by letting you feel something you haven't felt before, you'll have an understanding why people act like such whenever they feel that certain feeling.

i read to think. each novel has many ways of making you think. some novels will leave you hanging in the end of them 'coz they want to move your mind to put your own ending or to just keep you thinking of what could have happened to the characters. some will not let you stop thinking until you reach the solution of the story. and sometimes, especially those suspense novels, they will just make you think in every chapter. you'll be surprised in every page's revelation. that's the magic these novels got that they won't make you drop them the moment you open them.

as for me, i read because every book teaches me a lesson, lessons i'll sooner or later apply in my life. every book is a different story, every book has a different lesson. i read because i wanna be enlightened. i mean, you can read a novel about pain and it will show you why there's pain and why it's happening, of all people, to you. you can read a novel about love, tragic love, and it will tell you why, in the end, it is not tragic after all and that it is, sometimes, only you who think it is tragic.

i read to be free. to be free from worries, to be free from stress, to be free from distractions, to be free from ignorance, to be free from dumbness.

lastly, i read because it is a gift. always remember that not everyone is able to read. you are among the few who are given the opportunity, that's why be grateful for it and use it. you'll never know until when you can read, so enjoy it while it lasts. inspire and encourage people to read.

there are a million other reasons why i love to read, but these, for me, are the most important.

you, you better start reading before it's too late. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011


sometimes, other people's wrong impression about you becomes your own thought of yourself. you get too consumed with what they say that you are suddenly becoming just what they think you are, though that's not the real you. you are confused that you start thinking if you really are like what they say you are. you lose yourself for one moment and it is suddenly hard to get back to what you really are. be careful with what you hear about yourself, intentionally or unintentionally, 'coz what you hear might just turn you  into someone you don't know.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


110311. thursday.

this day of mine was spent with my beautiful and fun-loving friends. haha! i'm talking about ago, je, jonas, and ri-ri. haha! originally, i don't have any plan of going out today. jerome wanted to hangout, so we all met to watch a movie. haha! haven't been to the moviehouse in awhile so i said to myself why not. haha!

after eating at KFC, jonas and ri-ri had to go 'coz they have other things to attend to. haha! only the three of us were left but it's all right 'coz we still had a hell of a great time.

we watched IN TIME. haha! actually, we were about to waste our own time by falling in line at the wrong cinema. ago and i thought that the long queue was for IN TIME until jerome told us that it's impossible for all of those people to line up for IN TIME. and he was right. those on the line were there to see praybeyt benjamin. haha! if not for jerome, we wouldn't have seen the movie on time. haha.

the truth is i don't really have the tiniest bit of idea at first. i thought it was some animated film when i saw its poster, but i was wrong. hell wrong. haha!

IN TIME is  a film where the lead characters are played by justin timberlake and amanda seyfried. haha! its story is literally about time. it's like time makes their world go round. in the movie, time is the counterpart of money in reality. haha! time is so important to them that it is the thing that runs their lives. time is what they use to pay for everything. they buy food, they pay them with time. they ride a bus, they pay the ride with time. they pawn their jewelry for time. they apply for time loanthey work, they are paid with time. haha! isn't it cool? can you imagine? haha! and just like money, it is also transferable. haha! if you're running out of time, you can ask someone to give you some by just putting your forearms together. haha! they also have social classes, there were richer people and there were poorer people as well. their status in life is dictated by how much time they've got. haha! and just like money, time  can also be stolen from anyone. there's actually where the story began. they thought justin timberlake stole a man's century when in fact it was given to him. hehe! the way the movie showed time's importance is so cool and unique. i mean, i haven't seen anything like this one.

the moral of the story is seen even in the littlest things in the movie. VALUE TIME.  haha! i mean, some always think they have a lot of time left that's why they don't put so much importance in it. they'd spend time wastefully. they only start thinking about what they can do and what they must do when there's not much left of them. meanwhile, some would just abuse time. abuse in a sense that even the time of others they steal, if you know what i mean. and sometimes, you will only know how much you mean to someone depending on how much time he/she can give you. am i right or am i right? haha!

it made me realize what time really means and why we shouldn't keep on spending it on the useless things. let's spend time with the people we wanna be with. let's start doing the things we wanna and gotta do before our time ends. nobody knows how much we got 'til it's over.

this is highly recommended especially to those who waste their time and even the time of others. so, this goes out to me as well. HAHA! this gotta teach us some real lesson. haha! 


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