Saturday, December 24, 2011

perks, freebies, prizes, and gifts! (only at Perceptions)

122311. friday.

just wanna share the happiness and generosity i experienced from the wonderful people of Perceptions. :)

i started my internship november 14. this only means i've been there for just a month and a few days now yet they've been this kind to me already. i'm so grateful my training is in Perceptions. :) haha! i'm lucky 'coz it so happened that my internship is during the period where there're a lot of events at the office. haha! one good example is christmas, the season of giving! haha! and when someone gives, another receives! haha! yes, i'm the great receiver. haha!

here are some of the items i got! 

let's start with the KRIS KRINGLE gifts! 
something hot and spicy, something fun and cute! haha!
something bright and colorful!
the christmas lights were the reason my KPOP name was revealed! haha! during the kris kringle, you have to make sure that nobody catches you when you get your gifts so that they won't know who you are. those who won't get caught will receive prizes. sadly, my mommy had this brilliant plan of making sure she'd catch me. what she did was she wrapped the christmas lights around the illustration board and had the lights turned on when she put it in the gift box! o hell! i had no choice. i wasn't able to find a way to secretly get it since the lights were so obvious! haha! 

next are the raffle prizes! :)
airbus watch.
a digital photo frame. you can also play music and watch movies using this. :)  thanks, discovery. this will inspire me to do the MCB better and faster! hahaha!
finally, the gifts from the beautiful people of Perceptions. :)
thanks, ms. trix! i don't see her all the time but still she gave me this! sweet! thanks!
thank you, ms winnie. something challenging. haha!  i'm not good at this. haha!
ms. raquel gave this to me. thank you! she's so nice and makulit and  maldita too! i like her. haha!
what i received from kuya whom i have given little gifts for four days. thank you, kuya! very useful. hehe.
cute skirt. the accidental gift from funny mavic. she's the nicest. :) THANK YOU!
and just like all the other employees, i also received ham from GMN! haha! cool.  they are so nice. they always count me in. :) make me feel i belong somehow. :)

actually, there's another gift from joy. it's just that i already ate it and i wasn't able to take a picture. haha! anyways, thank you joy! haha!
more than the material things, it is the thought that's so touching. these may be simple gifts but i absolutely value each of them. :)

THANK YOU, PERCEPTIONS. i wish to have more wonderful moments while i'm still there. hope everyday becomes a treat. :)



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