Tuesday, April 22, 2014


(late post)

I had and have always been a fan of Up Dharma Down. More so now that I have already seen them perform in the flesh. I had long wanted to watch them live. I couldn’t be more stoked.

Everything started with Pag-agos. Then there was Oo. I knew right then just how unique and indie-ish the band’s genre is. And those were exactly the reasons I listened to them in the first place. I did not grow to love the songs. I just happened to love them right away.

It was a laidback gig – intimate. Purely about UDD’s music. I was so happy that it turned out close to how I imagined I wanted it to be. There wasn’t so much jumping and screaming because they weren’t necessary. Just a little acknowledgment from the crowd, through cheers and applause, was enough to ensure that everybody was having fun. Well, that was how it was supposed to be.

Their live set sounds just as good as their recording. I am in awe. Armi’s voice is literally music to my ears. She sings with so much subtlety that she gives their every already emotionally deep song even more depth, how so admirable.

Oo and Turn It Well were the highlights of the more or less two-hour set. Those were the songs in which the crowd’s participation was loudest. I myself admit to feeling all too connected and alive when both songs were played. The intros were enough to raise my energy through the roof. I just had to sing along. All the fans just had to. Oo, being their claim-to-fame hit, was unsurprisingly when everyone let it all out. Turn It Well was the perfect song to end the night, with all the crossing fingers waving in the air. Beautiful.
I hope to witness another live set. I hope. And with this, I cross my fingers.

Photo sources: Antoniette Pulutan
                            LPU-Laguna Official Facebook Page / Clarize Battad

Friday, April 18, 2014

Bon Voyage!

Faith is set to leave for States to have her internship. How so mature and gutsy of her, right? J Although it will just be for a year or so, we will surely miss her. She has always been present in all the friendly gatherings we hold, sometimes even taking over the laborious duty of being the organizer. And most importantly, she’s my confidant. She knows the most about me. I tell her things I am somehow uncomfortable telling others. My gaaawd, how am I gonna survive without her?*tears* Harhar. Her absence would totally be felt. But I, we, can’t be too selfish. If it’s for her own growth, then who are we to stop her, right?J
We couldn’t let her go without having the chance to say goodbye and good luck, so we had this quick date last weekend, our last date with her this year. Huhu. Haha. J

Good luck out there! I don’t know what awaits you, but I’m sure you’ll get by. You’re fearless enough to consider going away, so living and surviving there shouldn’t scare but excite you instead.

Live the dream! All of us somehow dream to be somewhere else for a while too—to know what it feels like being on our own, to do things on our own, to explore and learn life by ourselves. But you... well, you’re not just dreaming it but living it! We’re thrilled for you! Live your dreams, not just for you but for us too! Huzzah!

Take good things with you; leave the rest of the unnecessary baggage you have brought with you there when you go home here ha.
We can’t wait to see you again, in the flesh! (‘Cos physical presence will always be the best.J)

And I can’t wait to hear your new Tennessean accent when you go back!
Gosh, we’re all excited for you!

Bye for now.J

See you soonest!


*Big thanks to Froiland Pajutan for the photos!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


(Late post!)

Tandy Angel and her siblings have become suspects of the alleged murder of their very own parents. To prove her innocence as she was the primary suspect, Tandy conducted her own investigation which revealed a lot of discoveries about not just the deaths, but also about each family member. Tandy was surprised that she knew less than she thought about her parents and their means of nurturing their kids.

I’ve always enjoyed James Patterson's works because though they are all very easy to read and fast to finish, they still manage to give the readers excitement and keep their interest for long. This novel is no exception to that magic.

Though I said that Confessions of a Murder Suspect possesses some characteristics that are usually Patterson's trademark, I still somehow don't see this as a James Patterson classic. I’m not saying I’ve read a lot of his books, but I’ve already read some. If I were to compare this one to his other novels, I’d say this was different because there wasn't really a murder, which is basically what I always find in his books. Also, here, a teenager was the lead character and the primary investigator of the crime, not some adult cop. There wasn't also a series of death or killings which was common in Patterson’s previous works.

The play between science and crime in the plot was cool! Patterson integrated science by using human experimentations to show the parents’ frustrations for their kids’ perfection. I thought it was a pretty good touch to add to the plot. I mean, it was one good way of showing the depth of human’s behaviors and emotions. I found the motive very deep and intriguing.

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters. – George Herbert

The fact that the narrator kept on addressing the reader was very nice. It was like having a casual conversation or confession. By doing so, the readers would easily be attached to the story and would feel like they were really part of the story. I also liked the idea that the author kept on stating directly that she was delaying more details while talking to the reader. It was about just as annoying as it was exciting. Haha!

Though I liked the story, I was still not satisfied with the ending. You see, there wasn't a closure to everything. I understand that sometimes we, the readers, should draw our own conclusions to the story, but it just didn't feel right with this one. A clearer and more-detailed ending could’ve been better. Tamara Gee's death for instance, was it really Matty's doing or not? What did it have to do with the story? I thought it shouldn’t have just been added to the story since it didn’t really help.

It’s one thing to ask someone if they’re guilty. It’s another to be asked. I was nonplussed. – Tandy Angel

Also, why was it that I often imagined the lead character as a guy and not a girl? Was it just me? Haha! In my opinion, it would be more effective and believable if the narrator were a “he.”

All in all, it was a nice and enjoyable book. This is a nice read if you just wanna pass the time. It’s something thrilling enough to make you want to finish it, but not too heavy to rob you of a relaxed mood. J

Are you done reading this book? Share your thoughts!

*photo source: http://crazyredpen.blogspot.com


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