Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bato Springs: Something Amasi

Another one for the books!J

Last Sunday, the 17th, Sarah, Jerome, Kreng, Jonas, and I went streamhopping at Rio De Cambaliao and Bato Springs Resort!
Bato Springs!
But there’s more to the story…

This outing was a post-celebration of Sarah's birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, SARAH!J) There had been so many options as to where we should go. We kept on changing the planned venue until finally we chose to just stick with Rio De Cambaliao in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. All we wanted to do was just pass the time and have fun together, so anywhere near and not costly was fine.

When we got to Rio De Cambaliao though, there was already this bad feeling that we made the wrong decision. And I was right! Barely two hours had passed when we made up our minds to leave and go someplace else. I don’t know what happened; the place wasn’t all that bad. Maybe it just didn’t click for us. Well, that’s life. LOL.
had to walk on our way out 'coz vehicles rarely pass by this remote area. hew!
the loooooooooooong road out of Cambaliao.
jonas, sarah, jerome, kreng
the heat was killing us!
Moving on, so… whereto now? Bato Springs Resort’s name came up. We got excited because Jonas told us the place was nice. By then, another concern arose – do we have enough M.O.N.E.Y. left? Remember, we didn’t know we’d be going anywhere else but Cambaliao. We didn’t bring extra. (In my case, that was just a lame cover-up ‘coz the truth was, I had nothing more to bring. HAHAHA.) Ever the risk takers, we hit the road and off we went. Yeeeeeeehaaaaa!J
guys with no direction! HAHAHAHA!
We were excitedly chatting on our way to Bato (located in Brgy. San Cristobal, San Pablo City, Laguna) when we came across a signage which says, “Welcome to Brgy. Bulakin, Dolores, Quezon.” Say what? QUEZON?!?!?! What in the world???!!! HAHAHAHA! Laguna, then Batangas, now Quezon? But how?! HAHA! We were all shocked that we just nervously laughed while scanning the place, which already looked very rural. More trees, less houses. OMG!
Apparently, Bato Springs Resort is nestled between Mt. Banahaw and Mt. San Cristobal. You gotta take the road to Dolores, Quezon to get there. LOL. Amasi, isn’t it?
FYI, Bato Springs Resort has man-made falls and stream. Pools are also a bonus!J There are tables, huts, cottages, and private rooms to choose from depending on your budget. I personally think their rates are pretty cheap for the great accommodation and amenities they offer.
pan up!
Once you plunge into the water, expect an icy-cold sensation to run through your veins. LOL. Nothing to worry, it’s bearable.J The place is surrounded with trees and plants which provide shade. Girls who’re complexion-conscious will like it here.J Amasi!!!
that's me! peg?! LOL
It’s perfect for a quick getaway. See, even if we never thought of going there on that day, we survived.J

You may be wondering as to what this “amasi” thing, which I keep on saying, is. Well, Sarah started this all. Her family owns a mini parlor named Amasi Salon. It’s so catchy that it got stuck in our heads the whole time. Eventually, we discovered that “amasi” means amazing (according to Ms. Sarah). Just the word we need to describe the adventure we had that day!J
pan right!
I’m still trying to get my head around the things that happened. I mean, we woke up that morning not planning on going anywhere far, but there we were, brought by fate to Quezon! Amasi! HAHAHA. It was totally an adventure. I’m so glad we did it even if we had to go home “purdoy/udong” (moneyless; broke in Batangueño) and indebted to Sarah. HAHA!
classic Nona poses. hahahahaha!
kreng, je, sarah
To the Amasi friends I was with last Sunday,

Terapakalu misa gayaha. Furira lama kupiwa. Mesa na tupipa ne. Soloso komo. Hagasa minatyal kurpili mi. Metala! (If you’re gonna ask about what I just said, DON’T. I myself doubt if those words even exist in a sane human being’s vocab. Haha!)

Signs point to good things for summer!J This is just a warm-up. Things are about to get crazier!

Next up: Cagbalete!!!

*Thanks to Sarah and Jerome for the photos!

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