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The Host is one of my all time favorites! I love everything about it, EVERYTHING.

The Earth has already been invaded by souls.  These souls take over humans with a new identity; leaving only a person’s body a vessel. Wanderer (Wanda), a soul, finds it hard to totally wipe Melanie, a resistant host, out. As they live together in one body, Wanda eventually learns to feel the same way Melanie feels about Jamie (Melanie’s brother) and Jared (Melanie’s lover). This led them to find the two in a cave along with other surviving humans. It has not been easy for Wanda because, though she is sincerely after the good of the humans, some are still not convinced she’s on their side. Among those who resist is Jared himself, which made everything complicated. The situation is also worsened by the other not-so-little-issues among them in the cave. Solutions wouldn’t come easy, for sure.
It’s not the face, but the expressions on it. It’s not the voice, but what you say. It’s not how you look in that body, but the things you do with it. You are beautiful. – Ian ()

The Host is a story about love – for family, for friends, for someone – that transcends humanity in all its sense. 

I think how Stephenie Meyer came up with this idea was brilliant, but how she had written it was genius. Brilliant idea since this is the first time I read something of this idea. Genius writing because I do believe it takes a lot of contemplation and imagination to write a novel of this kind. And, to make sure it is a story where readers can actually put themselves into is a different thing altogether.

The novel’s being a very unique story makes it all the more interesting and riveting. It gives readers a lot of new things to ponder. And since it is far from reality, the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ within the story would surely bug the minds of those who’re reading. Earthworm-like creature in the head, eh?
More reasons to love The Host: it is ultimately a fictional story, yet it is still able to touch and play with its readers’ emotions. Readers are supposed to find it hard to relate to the book because the story is next to impossible, but it still effectively and convincingly found its way to the readers’ hearts. Stephenie Meyer made great use of this unlikely romantic story to show people what all-encompassing love can do and how far it can take a person. It’s amazing. How she made it possible is beyond my reach. Thanks to the author. J The Host is a moving story, so moving it lets all your emotions out. It is one that breaks your heart, and then makes it whole again. That’s what’s really good about this book. It doesn’t leave you sad, it doesn’t leave you hanging. Can I just say I love the happy ending for everybody! Very satisfying and sooo full of hope!

I knew it would begin with the end, and the end would look like death to these eyes. I had been warned. – Wanderer / Wanda

This is already the second time I read the book, but the way I was affected felt like it was just the first time. Oh, how I cried buckets and buckets of tears felt like I never had any idea what was going to happen next, like I didn’t know the story yet. This novel made me realize how much of a tearjerker I am. HAHAHA.

I also doubt it if you’ll ever get bored reading this. It just has a lot of complications, like really. You have here the struggle of Wanda and Melanie being in one body, Wanda’s being on the side of the humans, the Seeker’s never-ending hunt for them, Melanie’s love for Jared, Wanda’s feelings for Jared and Ian, and a lot of other sub-complexities. J
The film adaptation of The Host is set to hit theaters by the end of March. I am both intrigued and scared. I am not sure if they can give justice to this fave of mine. I wish they wouldn’t make a mess of it. J

Big thanks to Kreng for lending me her book. Love you, Kreng!J

Right now, if I was given the choice between having the world back and having you, I wouldn’t be able to give you up. Not to save five billion lives. – Jared (kilig!!!)

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