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122812. friday.

Happiness is self achievable. – Ramon “Dragon” Bautista

yey! i’ve finally put my hands on the much loved book of every broken-hearted and love-seeking Filipino today! HAHAHA!

Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? is generally a compilation of all questions about love(mostly), studies and life that fans asked and Ramon Bautista answered. along with answers are additional pieces of advice which, believe it or not, are applicable and helpful. this book more likely appeals to teenagers and young adults, but older people may still find what’s inside it relevant. J
i have loved Dragon since Strangebrew days, but i love him more now that he has TFTFZ (Tales From The Friend Zone) and this awesome book. HAHAHAHA! his powerful combination of wit and humor is such a turn on for the girls, makes him 100x hotter and cuter. no wonder girls go all cray-cray every time they hear his name. HAHA!

my cheerfulness after reading Monra’s book goes without saying that i really enjoyed Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?J i was smiling from ear to ear the whole time! i super duper love everything about it, from the cover to the photos to the content!
favorite photo in the book. so macho! pahaha!
i gotta say, this is the most casual book i’ve read, judging by the choice of words and the construction of sentences. Dragon was very conversational when he dealt with the issues of his fans. it was like everything was just so light to him. serious or not so serious problems, he treated all of them in the same unfussy and informal way he’s used to, which i find so cool. J

this book is so relatable, too. a lot of people are going through tough situations similar to that of his followers. just different angles, more specific details, but the same dilemma altogether. they all can find refuge in the words of the Dragon through his book. HAHAHA.
the hair! hahaha!
moreover, his advices are the real deal. some may think they don’t sound like they make sense at all, but really they do. that’s what’s good about him, he delivers his point in humorous (and sometimes hilarious) ways.  to describe his suggestions/solutions, they are straightforward, honest, open-minded, and absurd-sounding but realistic. he doesn’t try to comfort readers by making them believe that they’ll soon get back to the one they’ve broken up with if it’s not really possible anymore. he doesn’t let them live with fake promises. he doesn’t give them false hopes. he tells them if they are actually the problem.

lastly, Ramon’s photos are so comical and cute! his quotes are very catchy and funny, too! hahaha!

i don’t consider this a review but a declaration of my love for him. all i have are good words for him and his book. HAHAHAHA!

love you, Ramon! J

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