Sunday, January 6, 2013

if i were Julie...

i’m dedicating this post to my sister from another mister named Julie Ann Ceraos who celebrated her birthday last December 27. hope it’s not yet too late for a gift.J

seeing that i am not yet pooping money (HAHAHA!), giving her a material gift is definitely out of the question. she suggested that i write something about her here on my blog. why not! i’ve done it before, i can do it again.J

since this is a gift, i have to come up with things that’ll make our special girl look lovable and admirable. (this implies that she is not a nice person in reality but an attention-seeking bitch. KIDDING! HAHAHA!) truth is, she’s beautiful INSIDE OUT!

i have decided to list down a few of the gazillion things she has that i wish i had! if i were to have any of Julie's traits, which would they be? here goes the list…


one of my frustrations in life is my hunched back! i’ve been a humpback  ever since, not the minor humpback, but the humpback humpback (if i’m still making sense here). i tried to correct my posture and i failed. HAHAHA! but with her, maintaining a good posture’s just a piece o’cake. as an indirect effect, it gives her a beautiful curvature and boosts her self-esteem. while she’s walking proudly with a straight body, there i am walking shamefully with a crooked back. i can already see myself a few years from now having early signs of osteoporosis! HAHAHAHA! 


Math despises me. i despise Math. the feeling is mutual. HAHA! again, it's different in her case. she's very good with numbers. i still remember i used to copy assignment and seatwork answers from her. desperate times call for desperate measures. HAHA! this is definitely one of the skills i’d so gladly steal from her. HAHA! she was one of the class’s finest! she was among our school’s representatives for MTAP review. HAHA! yep, that's a big deal to me, a milestone. HAHAHA! don’t laugh at me, please. HAHAHA!


as much as i wanted to dance all my life, i have two left feet! the curse of every frustrated badass-dancer-wannabe! *insert self-pity emoticon here(if there’s one.)* HAHA! in other news, dancing is something Julie was born to do. it’s her body’s calling. she’s a good dancer not in an extravagant way, but in a simple yet graceful kind of way. she’s got her own groove. J she hasn’t danced in a long time, and i do wish to see her rock the stage again. J go, Julie! sample! sample! HAHAHA!


this, i believe, is Julie’s special gift. she may not notice it but she really is a good listener. you know, she’s the kind who shows interest in whatever it is you talk about even when it doesn’t concern her. she knows when to ask questions and when to shut up. i truly appreciate her for that. when all you want is to have someone who’ll let you do all the talking, she’s who you need. Julie, what would i do without you? J

CHIN UP, HEAD HIGH             

my confidence level is -100. i’m the type who walks with my head down, sits in the far corner of the room and gets nervous reciting in front of the class. HAHAHA! i’m not anti-social, i just don’t like getting attention. i think i’m the total opposite of our birthday girl. she knows how to carry herself wherever she is. she imposes confidence even with the little things she does. i don’t think i have ever seen her rattled by anything before.  maybe she panics sometimes too, but she doesn’t show it (that’s how good she is). she manages to put on a strong and confident front every time. J


here goes the more dramatic part of the post. Julie is one of the bravest pals i have. true story. she’s not just some pretty face. being friends with her for a long time now gave me the chance to know more about her ups and downs. i gotta say, those “downs” weren’t itty-bitty downs, but real life hang-ups. i wonder if i’d ever get through those if i were in her shoes. and, she likes to work on them in secret. our heroine’s pretty discreet and hates to brag. HAHAHA! but seriously, i’m touched and grateful that she allowed me inside her more personal life. we’re always here for  her.

Dear Kapatid,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i wish you all the greatest things in life!

here’s your present. i do hope you like it. this is all i can give ye. for now. J where’s my treat?! HAHA!

*thanks to Faith for the photo. sorry for cropping her out. HAHA.                                                                                            

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