Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love Thy Falls, Love Dampalit

012813. monday.

let’s kick off this post with a realization: you don’t always have to go far to experience nature’s gift. something amazing may just be right around the corner. you just gotta look. J
seriously, what took me so loooong? been living here in Laguna since day one, and only now did i discover this beautiful falls. oh well, better late than never. HAHA.

(photo overload ahead!J)
just wanna clarify something. this is not what it looks like. i am NOT picking my nose here. HAHAHA!
last Sunday, the 27th, Puring, Jerome, Ago, Jusz, Sarah, Kreng, Aileen, Marfi(that’s right, she came!), and i hiked our way to Dampalit Falls in Los Baños, Laguna. my expectations were exceeded by a mile! we were all surprised to find such a beauty in the neighborhood. thanks to Purita for bringing us here. the waterfalls is so clear and cold! the trees and greens are in bloom. the sound of water splashing down is so damn relaxing! J
agophotography. :D
peg??? hahaha!
bra??? BRAAAA! hahaha!
it’s perfect, well, almost perfect. it could’ve been really perfect if not for the sharp rocks at the bottom and the ice-cold water. gosh, i got a few cuts on my feet. boy, they hurt! HAHA! also, we were all shivering while and after swimming. it was so cold all we could do was just shout our lungs out and endure the icy sensation! HAHAHA!
cash problems? nah, we got them all covered! the place is so near we barely spent money on fare. we brought food. the entrance fee is close to nothing. the cottage rent goes from, what, P150 to P200. happy soul, happy heart, happy tummy, happy wallet!J

the photos are proof of how much we enjoyed this nature tripping. it was incredible, to say the least. we’ll do something like this again, yes? YESSSS!
the fun didn’t end there. after swimming, we went straight to the Prudentes’ to visit Yvonne(the full-time mom) and Baby Ipe(the lovable baby with cute eyes). since she can’t go out that often anymore, we gotta find a way to still see her.

 *thanks to Jerome, Puring and Ago for the photos! 

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