Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Diamond Christmas Dinner 2015

Tradition is tradition

Even when all of us already lead different lives – family, work, business, school, etc. – we still couldn’t let this Christmas pass without spending even just a few hours of our time to each other.
Unlike the parties from previous years, my high school friends and I opted for just a simple Christmas dinner this time. It was the most ideal thing to do since none of us could work on organizing a party anymore and everyone’s schedule was so packed. Also, this arrangement was what guaranteed an attendance of more than five, so we grabbed it!
It was a nice dinner on a Sunday evening at RSM Lutong Bahay. With a very nice, un-crowded, relaxing, and homey ambiance, we were so at home the whole time we were dining there. It was like we were the only people there with all our noise and wildness, and we had zero care what others would say.
Though there weren’t any program or parlor games, what was good about this kind of gathering was we were able to leave more time and space for the talking and kamustahan part since there weren’t any other things to distract us anymore. This was a welcome idea because I believe that that was the most important thing about this Christmas dinner. Every second spent exchanging words became our priced gift for each other.
The regulars like Joson, Katrina, and Faith didn’t get to come, but good thing the other classmates of ours like Josan, Vangie and Sarah showed up and saved our night. :) And there were even kids, baby KC and Misha! You know how get-togethers with children mean – kiddie cuteness overload. It felt strange how all the parties I’d been to have been kids-filled, but I am not complaining! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my St. John Colleges’ Diamond Batch 2008 Family! :)

Photos by Rochelle Mangilin and yours truly!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Housing Departmental Party 2015

Second to my series of Christmas parties was the one I celebrated with my Housing and Settlements Department Family. :)

Even though it was a rainy night last December 16, we still wanted to push through with everything, and we did.
What I liked the most about this year’s celebration was how everything was so organic, pretty much like an outing. There was no catering. Many of the materials and props were made by my officemates. The program was simpler. The games were more hands-on and fun. The performances were fewer, but at least the participants willingly presented. Everybody still got to go home with more than the arms could carry. Everyone was able to contribute a helping hand one way or another. Even I myself was able to actively participate in the execution of the party which I’d say was really gratifying and made me absolutely feel and enjoy the night. This was our departmental party I was able to involve myself the most, and I’m really glad about it. :)

I couldn’t find any decent photos from that night, that’s why I just posted the few shots I took of the venue pre-party. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Friendsgiving x Baby Shower 2015


It’s still that season, so it’s not yet too late for a greeting. :) How have you celebrated Christmas? I celebrated mine through a series of Christmas parties which started as early as the 13th of December.

I’d say Friendsgiving 2015 is the closest college reunion to my heart to date, as this is the final leg of the major events Justine and I organized for our college bestfriends this year. We put in so much time and effort planning and preparing because of two things – because our friends deserve nothing but the best time and because we really wanted to end our duties as organizers with a bang. And based on the attendees’ reactions, I’d say we were able to deliver! Woohoo!
The attendance was record-breaking yet again. Aside from the 16 of us classmates present, Kreng’s family, Masa and a bunch of kidssss were also there! It was a total riot inside the bar!

One couldn’t go to our party energy-less and unprepared because everyone would be shouting, slamming, beating, and laughing at each other because that was just how we were last Friendsgiving, like how we would always be whenever we celebrate. Basically, all we ever did was play games, exchange gifts, make fun of each other in between munching on a lot of food and photographing every scene. I couldn’t have asked for a better get-together!  
This particular Friendsgiving was also special because we were not just celebrating our friendship but also the coming of the new addition in our growing Abakom family – Baby Amber, Kreng’s little angel.
We surprised Kreng with a few gifts for the baby, some heartwarming messages, the presence of her family, and our all out support. She was in tears, and so were most of us! She’s due to give birth next week, and we are excited and nervous at the same time! We only wish for her safe delivery and Amber’s good health when we welcome the baby.
The surprise didn’t stop there just yet, as we also got our November and December celebrators, Liezette and Kreng (again hihi), a little special cake. Belated happy birthday, guys! See, it was three celebrations in one, so much fun.
I will definitely miss being a planner. It definitely hadn’t been easy, but it was all a labor of love, all worth it. In spite of all kinds of problems arising, it had still been fun and rewarding. Also, after everything that we had done, I was able to take home with me some lessons and hacks that I may also apply in life’s other aspects.
One highlight of this celebration was our take-home souvenir. We used the photos from our could-have-been college coffee table book and turned them into a collage instead. The result was very much appreciated by everyone.
Here are a few thank-you messages to particular people: a) to Sarah and her relatives for being kind enough to provide us with materials and a venue, b) to Ate Bhec and the rest of the Maligaya Family for helping us with Kreng’s baby shower, c) to Ago for working on the souvenir, d) to Jerome and Paul for being the helpful extra planners we needed, e) to our friends for being the foolproof, cooperative and fun people they’ve always been, and f) to Jusz for being an ever so game, understanding, and patient co-planner (we made it out alive, can I get an amen?! hahaha!).

To the organizers for 2016, Marfi and Sarah, good luck and make the most of it! We are just here in case you’ll need a hand or two. :)

Photos by Rendell Barrera and yours truly!


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