Monday, December 28, 2015

Housing Departmental Party 2015

Second to my series of Christmas parties was the one I celebrated with my Housing and Settlements Department Family. :)

Even though it was a rainy night last December 16, we still wanted to push through with everything, and we did.
What I liked the most about this year’s celebration was how everything was so organic, pretty much like an outing. There was no catering. Many of the materials and props were made by my officemates. The program was simpler. The games were more hands-on and fun. The performances were fewer, but at least the participants willingly presented. Everybody still got to go home with more than the arms could carry. Everyone was able to contribute a helping hand one way or another. Even I myself was able to actively participate in the execution of the party which I’d say was really gratifying and made me absolutely feel and enjoy the night. This was our departmental party I was able to involve myself the most, and I’m really glad about it. :)

I couldn’t find any decent photos from that night, that’s why I just posted the few shots I took of the venue pre-party. :)

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