Thursday, March 17, 2016

Stilts Calatagan 2016: Warming Up To Summer

How do you create summer? You look for a place. You put the sun and sea together. Then you make it your own world. For days if you can. For just one if it’s all you have.
Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas is hectares and hectares of tranquility and harmony with nature in the form of sand, sea, trees, flora, and floating cottages.

It is basically divided into three beach subparts namely Serenity, Destiny and Harmony, each having distinct features that cater to the different needs and wants of different guests. Among the resort’s other amenities and facilities are a playground, a restaurant, swings, pool benches, cabanas, huts, tree houses, and floating cottages.
As for the floating cottages, they are what Stilts is best known for. They are actually pretty unique since, as the resort’s name suggests, they stand on stilts in the water, something kind of like what famous beaches in Maldives have. Imagine what it feels like to stay inside one of those cozy things, must be some heaven. Such pretty amazing lodges come at a price though, of course.
And as if the beach weren’t enough, two pools were also built for further lounging. Activities like kayaking, boat peddling, ATV rental, and island hopping among others are also being offered.

It is admirable how detail-oriented Stilts is. It is very obvious how much attention is given to its every nook and cranny. There are signs bearing quotes of inspiration, woods serving aesthetic and functional purposes, and various trees standing as either shade or source of fresh air. The resort dedicates itself in achieving the desired overall vibe of not minding life’s other businesses. From the entrance to the inside, the resort is very well organized to imbibe being the best place for rest and relaxation.
The tides were low by the time we visited, but I think that they don’t really get very high anytime of the year. Like even when it becomes high tide, you can’t really expect the usual height of high tide, but that’s all good because it doesn’t get any less appealing. It’s still inviting in a sense that you can stay in the water and be calm in that moment while savoring the serene oceanic view. The water is clear, and the sand is fine and colored cream as expected. I could not have asked for anything better.
It was weirdly and insanely peaceful there. Weird and insane because, if you think about it, there was actually so much distraction from people to pets constantly walking, running, photographing around me, but I did not at all feel disturbed. The silent beach sound was and is always louder and more dominant than any of the ambience.
I had the best time doing what is deemed appropriate when at the beach – nothing. Though there were various activities I could’ve done, I opted to just maximize rest and relaxation since I don’t get to be in such calming places as often as I want. It was one of the wisest instant decisions I ever made this year, what a sweet life.
I don’t know why I’m being thankful for this and why this realization is only hitting me just today, but I am now more appreciative of where I live because when I think about it, although it may still be a little bit far in other cases, my home is actually already pretty near some beautiful beaches. When I want to go on a spontaneous trip and shortly escape reality, a few hours of commuting, no plane or boat rides necessary, is all I will ever need, and bam, it’s the beach already. I have Batangas and Quezon for that here in the South and Subic, Zambales and Bataan up North. What lucky? :)
And in the larger scheme of things, I’m more thankful that I live in the Philippines, a tropical country so rich in natural resources. I have made it my goal to visit as many islands as I can to get as much knowledge and experience as I can.
I consider this special because it is my first trip this year. And if it is any indication of how my 2016 will be adventure-wise, this is going to be one with so much promise and positivity when it comes to both the travel and the destination. I’m one excited kid looking forward to all the unknowns of future exploring.

Summer is here, so you know what’s coming.

You may check the resort’s website at

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