Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Or should I say HOLY WEEK? Or HOLY WKND? HAHAHA! I’m so funny!

I am enjoying this series so much that I have decided to follow up just last week’s post with another one. Also, it had been a pretty eventful holiday weekend so why not, right?!

March 23, 2016 | Holy Wednesday

As for me, the holiday weekend officially began on the eve of Holy Wednesday. I believe, by this day, Catholics such as yours truly should already be taking a break from consuming meat products, but I was sadly unable to oblige because Cheesy Garlic Chicken Fillet Night happened.

This is something that my boyfriend and I had long wanted to do but kept on putting off until Wednesday. So even when I knew it wasn’t quite right, I gave it a go since everything we needed was already set and just awaiting our service.

The result? Perfection!!! According to my standards at least. Hahaha! Kidding aside though, our Home-cooked Cheesy Garlic Chicken Fillet was really good. I mean the sauce wasn’t that sweet. It was a balance of sweet with a little kick of spiciness. It was paired with coleslaw without the mayo as a side dish which made my taste buds even happier. Good thing it was a pretty successful project since it was the first viand we ever made. Now we are more excited to cook more. Hihi!

March 25, 2016 | Good Friday

As I always do every year, my Good Friday was spent for some sacrificial and devotional time. I once again joined in our barangay’s Way of the Cross in which we would go around the roads, farms and hills in our area while we pray the 14 Stations of the Cross.
There had been a few changes this year. Way of the Cross started at 5:00AM, earlier than the usual 7:00AM. I liked this schedule better because the sun wasn’t that bright yet during the whole journey. And because it started earlier, it also ended earlier as expected at around 8:30AM. There were also some changes in the trail leading to the end of the walk. And since Alyanna, my niece, and I woke up late and just had to catch up with the group, we had a hard time following because we didn’t know which route the group took. Good thing we were able to catch and keep up with the help of the other tardy joiners. The usual comboni pitstop on top of the hill wasn’t available that day too, so the group had to just rest somewhere by the road in the hill. It was tiring but ultimately fulfilling!
This Way of the Cross is one of my most precious traditions yet. It sends a freeing, cleansing, optimistic feeling in me. It’s something spiritual. I am not the most religious person out there, but taking part in an activity like this is something I am and always will be very proud of. And because of this, I vow to walk and pray until I’m old and grey, unable to walk long and steep hills because of arthritis. But until then, I’ll just do what it is that I need to do – walk with him.
March 27, 2016 | Easter Sunday

Rejoice for the Christ is risen! :)

I woke up this day after 11 hours of much needed sleep. And what was the first thing I was told? That we were going to have a family boodle fight! Whaaaat?! Much obliged!

This simple boodle feast was hosted by Ate Myra, Kuya Russell and their kids. They prepared adobong baboy, sinigang na baboy, salted eggs, mangoes with shrimp paste, bananas, and watermelons – so yummy and so Pinoy. It was the first time we had something like that, so I was really happy about it! Another family bonding!

I would not mind if we are going to make it a yearly thing. I actually hope that we do! I’ll even contribute some food too!

Then come early evening, I had Easter dinner with my high school girlfriends plus Jep and Archelle at Bugong Bistro in Halang.

It was basically catch-up and make-fun night with my girls over Thai food. We tried to update each other about what each other’s been up to lately. We then laughed and laughed about how we were so naïve and stupid as high schoolers. I know, I know. It’s the only thing we know to do when together, but this time we were able to un-box some really crazy HS memories that shouldn’t have been unearthed ever because they were just hella embarrassing. That we ever did or got involved in such activities was beyond us! Hahaha!
We squeezed in summer planning too since we are bound to go to the beach come May 2016. And even this part didn’t reach an agreement, hasn’t reached an agreement yet. What did you expect?! Haha!

Good thing we had the restaurant all to ourselves because we were too loud like always, and I could only picture out how others would react were there anyone else aside from us there at the moment. Imagine eight female voices battling it out on the table! Crazy!

We hung out some more at Starbucks before calling it a night. :)


And that’s it about me. Hope you all made the most of your time through happy and meaningful moments with Him, your family, friends, and loved ones just like I did over the Holy Week.

Pray and love!

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