Friday, November 22, 2013

SNAPSHOTS: Baby Miesha’s Christening

The first baby in the high school barkada officially entered the Christian world last Sunday. Welcome, Baby Miesha! J
As you should know, this cute and yummy baby is the offspring of our close friend Josan and her lovey, Jeff. Haha! They are so lucky to have been blessed with such a wonderful gift. Likewise, Baby Miesha is also fortunate to have such supportive and loving parents. What makes all of them even luckier in this lifetime you ask? US! The ever supportive and kunsintidor friends/godparents/aunts and uncles to ever exist. No one dare rain on our parade. Joke! Haha! Gaaaah, it’s raining compliments in this post. Haha!

So yep, here are some photos of what went down last Sunday before I start thinking of baloney adjectives to put us up there in the pedestal again. Hahaha. Have fun!
RIJ Girls! Haha!
Happy family!
Isn’t she delicious? Every butt-wrenching ride would be so worth it if she would always be what I’d see at the end of the ride. (I am talking about the unforgettably long and achy trike journey uphill to their beautiful home.) Haha! I can look at her forever. Haha. I have to tell you something, though. When I find kids I really like, I sometimes make them cry ‘cos they’re cute when they cry. Hahaha! And that was the case with Baby Miesha. She ended up weeping every time she got near me. Poor sweetie. Sorry! I’ll make it up to you when we meet again. Haha!
It was a riot, like always. A beautiful kind of riot. J

*Thanks to Joson for the photos!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


(Late post!)

BDSM-themed novels are in full bloom nowadays, and they are something still new to me. Only now am I being introduced to these erotic stories, starting from the Fifty Shades Trilogy. And I must say they are very interesting novels indeed. Haha!

Bared To You is the first of the Crossfire Trilogy. It is one erotic-romantic novel about Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross.

With just one good look at each other, Eva and Gideon already feel the irresistible and affectionate connection between them. Circumstances tell us this love story is going to be anything but uncomplicated, though. They both have pasts that keep haunting them, which, in turn, affect the relationship they are still trying to build. Many times sex is their only way to reassure themselves they are still willing to make whatever it is they have work.
I’m going to try hard not to compare everything about this book with the Fifty Shades Trilogy although there really are so many obvious similarities! There’s just no way you won’t be reminded of the former. Ugh. Haha.

Bared To You is an encouraging book for readers because it is an easy-read. The story has complications, but the book itself is a very simple one. You just got to go with the flow, and everything shall sail smoothly.

I want there to be happily-ever-afters for the fucked-up crowd. Show me the way, Eva honey. Make me believe. – Cary Taylor

I kind of like this novel since it is a fast-paced fiction. A lot of things have already taken place in just a short period of time, and that just about adds excitement to the plot. Maybe this is because the story delves in to detail but not in too much detail. J

Of course there are erotic scenes, many actually, but I consider them to be a vital part of the story. Besides, they are pretty bearable. (No need to safeword Crossfire. Haha.) I can say they are erotic but not way over the top erotic. Or did I just become too used and naïve with all the carnal sensuality after reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy? I don’t know. Haha.

I think the story has no climax. If there is any, maybe it did not stand out as the highest point of the novel. All the story’s complexities seem to be at par with each other, so the turning point is not as convincing and noticeable, which I consider kind of sad. Maybe it’s also the reason why the story as a whole does not have an impact to its readers, or at least to me.

Anonymity was my friend. – Eva Tramell

Fifty Shades of Grey or Bared To You?

Still Fifty Shades, because I do think that it has a more unique and hooking story.

Okay, I failed. I said I wouldn’t compare, but I still did. I just couldn’t help myself. They are so the same! Haha.

But hey, there are still a lot to know in the sequel. I am intrigued with Gideon and what he’s going through. Heck, he was about to rape Eva while sleeping, how’s that? And why’s that? Hmmm, need to read Reflected In You ASAP! J

Don't. Tell me when, then. And before you say never, take a good look at me and tell me if you see a man who's easily deterred. – Gideon Cross

Are you done reading this book? Share your thoughts!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tagaytay 2013: It’s All About FAITH

While last Monday was all about the barangay election for most Filipinos, it was a totally different scene for us. This national happening was all too quickly overshadowed by the true highlight of our day – Faith’s birthday celebration! Hahaha! (But I voted first before I got into my fun funk. I’m responsible though I don’t look like it, you know. Haha!)

So going back…

We headed out to Tagaytay City for some fun time, and boy was it crazy awesome. We just squandered time and money the whole day, and it felt really good. I mean, you know, it felt good up until that point before I realized I had no more money left. Still, I have no regrets. YOLO, remember? Haha! Yuh, I know. I know I’m too old for the YOLO moments. I’m no teenager anymore. I should act my age and stuff, but being a teenager’s so much fun I can’t help myself. Hahaha!
Tagaytay was, well, beautiful as always. And it’s already Christmas there! The breeze, the vibe, the sight – everything’s just so Christmassy already, which made me feel all the more excited about the weeks to come. I love it!

The weather went along with us. It didn’t rain, which was more than I could ever ask for. It started out as a fine-weathered day – not too hot and not too cold – but it got really nippy as the night drew closer. The chill went from tolerable and enjoyable to “It's so cold I'm shaking!" Talk about freezing point levels. (OA) Haha! No wonder I have been snorting and sneezing since Monday night. Oh well, it was that particular wintry puff of air that made us go there of all destinations in the first place.
We had lunch at this low-profile and totally underrated bulalohan in Mahogany. It’s one of the bulalohans along a pretty long stretch of cholesterol-mustered goodness in the area’s marketplace. The bulalo was oh so good! So good!!! It was so good I didn’t care how thick and unhealthy the layer of cholesterol around my mouth was so long as my hunger was satisfied and my just then discovered obsession for the sinful dish was overly met. It just didn’t matter anymore. All that mattered was the bulalo. Well, that and the surprisingly delish tawilis. It easily became everyone’s fave that day. Never did I imagine tawilis could actually be that delicious. Not many of us are a fan of this dried fish, but we emptied the bowls like tawilis was something we always loved. Cuh-raaazy! I still can’t get over that tawilis. I would not be shocked if I ever dream of it one of these days. Haha!

Was the food that awesome? Or did everything just taste so good because the lunch was Faith’s treat? Haha! I guess we can all agree the answer’s both. ;)

Then off we went to Sky Ranch, where we actually didn’t try out any ride. Haha! We didn’t feel like riding any, so we didn’t. We just enjoyed the view, savored the cold breeze and chilled a little bit. J
Lex? Haha! We miss you, Lex! :D
Happy couple. JOKE. Hahaha!
Quality kilay time!

To cap off our trip, we had coffee and frappe at Bag of Beans, another perfect chill place to go to when in Tagaytay. J 
There we got Faith a little surprise. We gave her a little slice of cake with a candle, and we sang happy birthday to her. I could tell in her reaction that she was touched, really touched. We were happy she was happy. She deserved that and more. J We stayed a little while longer at Bag of Beans because it felt so laid back there.
In general, it was tiring (because we were all just so intense and overflowing with energy) but absolutely worth it if you’re with the right people. One for the books!

What else can I say, some good coffee (and frappe), a vintage-y ambiance and my bestfriends all in one place – THIS. IS. THE. LIFE.
Picture with the family. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRU! Thank you for the treat and all the other things in between the seven years of friendship. You know I love ya, right? Hahaha! Kisses!

Should we start planning for our future roadtrips? ;)

*Thanks to Faith for the photos!


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