Friday, November 22, 2013

SNAPSHOTS: Baby Miesha’s Christening

The first baby in the high school barkada officially entered the Christian world last Sunday. Welcome, Baby Miesha! J
As you should know, this cute and yummy baby is the offspring of our close friend Josan and her lovey, Jeff. Haha! They are so lucky to have been blessed with such a wonderful gift. Likewise, Baby Miesha is also fortunate to have such supportive and loving parents. What makes all of them even luckier in this lifetime you ask? US! The ever supportive and kunsintidor friends/godparents/aunts and uncles to ever exist. No one dare rain on our parade. Joke! Haha! Gaaaah, it’s raining compliments in this post. Haha!

So yep, here are some photos of what went down last Sunday before I start thinking of baloney adjectives to put us up there in the pedestal again. Hahaha. Have fun!
RIJ Girls! Haha!
Happy family!
Isn’t she delicious? Every butt-wrenching ride would be so worth it if she would always be what I’d see at the end of the ride. (I am talking about the unforgettably long and achy trike journey uphill to their beautiful home.) Haha! I can look at her forever. Haha. I have to tell you something, though. When I find kids I really like, I sometimes make them cry ‘cos they’re cute when they cry. Hahaha! And that was the case with Baby Miesha. She ended up weeping every time she got near me. Poor sweetie. Sorry! I’ll make it up to you when we meet again. Haha!
It was a riot, like always. A beautiful kind of riot. J

*Thanks to Joson for the photos!

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