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Rachel Chu caught herself overwhelmed upon discovering that her boyfriend Nick Young was crazy rich - as in rich beyond belief.  During their stay in Singapore for his best friend's wedding, she was exposed to the culture and lavish lifestyle practiced by his family. But more than the extravagance, what would turn Rachel’s emotions upside down was  the  interference by those who were against the relationship and the thought that maybe keeping their relationship would not work for long.

Crazy Rich Asians has become abuzz again lately since the shooting for its motion picture has begun. Everyone's going crazy over the actors who will be playing the roles, especially for many Filipino fans ever since Kris  Aquino  has become a part of the cast. Also, it's always an intrigue anticipating how a book's movie version is going to turn out regardless of whether comparing is a good idea  or not.
It only takes a spark,
to get the fire going.
And soon all those around,
can warm up in its glowing.
- Botticelli's Venus

This is just a quick review since it's been quite a while when I finished reading this book, and I thought I would give this book a spur-of-the-moment kind of reflection.

The reason I wanted to read this was mainly because some say it's a lot like Gossip Girl, and, well, I love Gossip Girl. I had been missing  GG, and I thought to myself this was the cure I needed. They were indeed similar with all the over-the-top showing off, the bratty gal pals and the nonstop bullying. There were even bullying scenarios that almost bordered to being high school-ish  which I am still not sure how I feel about.  

It was also in many ways personally relatable because I am Asian and familiar with some names, places and superstitions mentioned here. I like how it felt so real, especially their conservativeness  and the preservation of their traditions. I mean, it could not get any more Asian than that.

Perfection comes at a sacrifice. - Jacqueline Ling

Romance was there, of course, but not all over the place which was refreshing. The love story was cute and gave me butterflies sometimes. That said, it was still good to read a novel that, despite having sweet moments, does not impose so much of it to the reader like it was the only thing about the book.

This place is very real. You're the dream. - Nick Young

As for the conclusion, I was surprised to find out that it already ended when it did. I was so ready to read more because the situation was only starting to get better. I would say there was no real solution to the complication. In my opinion, the resolution could've been explored a bit more instead of just leaving it at its tip. The weight and intensity of the story could've also been played up a bit more.

While I enjoyed my time reading this one, I would still say that there was not anything unique here. Except for the twist in the Asian flavor, honestly, I have read the same plot in another book.  I guess all the hype did not help because even when I did not expect too much, I still expected something from it. 

That said, I would still read other Kevin Kwan works because I think they would make for a relaxing escape.


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