Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This Just In: New Binge x New Splurge x New Pursuit

Lately, life has been pretty uneventful, in so far as eventful means going out to have a good time. But in a different context where staying at home can be considered just as exciting, I have been up to quite a few little things.

Kindly allow me to blabber and blabber.


So I finally had the audacity to start with the much-raved-about Game of Thrones after months of delaying it due to fear of it being too good, too serious, too slang I wouldn’t be able to understand one bit of it.

Initial reaction after the first episode was, “Maybe my mind can digest this.” Three episodes in and I was all, “There’s too much blood and flesh, I’m loving it!”

There’s no knowing for sure who dies and who wins – so much anticipation going on. Seriously, it feels like anyone can just die in one blink. One of those who I thought was among the central characters was suddenly flat dead and headless on the ground at the turn of an episode. Why and how do you do that, GOT people?

Aside from the twists that I could almost not take – there’s too much cliffhanger than my life can handle! – it also takes me to the medieval times when honor, loyalty, family, and wealth clash. And there are dragons for Chrissakes. How’s that for some extra thrill.

If I may just please say this, Khaleesi is so damned blessed with all the beauty it’s almost unfair. That face, darn it.

And the Imp, oh like him a lot!

Moving on from GOT (because I have already watched everything I got and have yet to find a copy of the rest of the seasons somewhere), I am currently burning my ass off sitting and binge-watching The Big Bang Theory Season 7, and there’s just no stopping now. I missed the gang, and we have a lot of catching up to do. There’s nothing like TBBT to cap off every night with a sense of humor that I sometimes get and sometimes don’t, gives me a hearty laugh nonetheless. 

Lastly, New Girl Season 3.


Well, well, here's another BDSM for me. I just recently opened the second book in the Crossfire TrilogyReflected In You. There isn’t much to say yet because I have just begun reading it, barely on the 55th of 500-something pages. I have no deep expectations whatsoever with the book as I only wish to enjoy it. You know, just something I can squeeze in between other mundane doings.

As I turn to page 56, I’ll say more after I finish reading. 


Hello, consumerism!

I’m sorry I’m not sorry that I gave into another mundane want in life despite the apparent lack of money.

I got myself a new pair of Vans sneakers with gum sole, just the thing I’ve been wanting to have ever since gum soles became a trend. Sneakers are my go-to shoes, my classic pangharabas. They are very laid back I can wear them anywhere I want to go. You know what they say, you are what you wear. Well, in my case, I am my sneakers.

Here’s the catch, I got the pair at the kids’ section of the dept. store, boys’ to be exact. I had been complaining before because the girls’ section always only offer very few and super duper girly designs which hardly appeal to me. All along I was looking at the wrong place. And get this, since it was kids’ stuff, the price was expectedly cheaper. I’m a winner.


At the age of 20+, I can count with fingers in my two hands the things I know how to cook – that sadly includes hotdog and meat loaf.

Just a few weeks back, I had an epiphany – I can’t stay this way forever. Hence, I vowed to learn real cooking (as somewhat inspired and influenced by outside elements).

To put said promise into action, I played with some potatoes. And voila, I made something! I don’t know what it’s called; I just fried it with some melted cheese. Not to brag, but it actually tasted good. I know potatoes aren’t much, but one potato step is better than no potato at all. 

I have been checking online for easy-to-learn-yet-still-tasty recipe treats for future references. After browsing for so long, I have zeroed in on which particular recipes I want to learn. Then I've come up with another realization, that many of them involve baking of some sort. And that in order to learn the said recipes, the only logical and major step to take to make all these things possible would be to get an O-V-E-N.


Friday, August 1, 2014

The Happy List: Random List #2

  1. My birthday! Best thing about July! How did it go you ask? Pretty awesome I must say. J Celebrated simply but made memorable by the presence of and thoughtful greetings from loved ones. Actually, said birthday had been celebrated, as I would like to see it, in a series of dates with different sets of people. The happiness in my birthday couldn’t be contained in one day because I couldn’t accommodate all loved ones in one go, as I would always want to make sure to spend real quality time with each. But hey, don’t get me wrong, nobody’s complaining. Here’s a #1 fan of socials. Haha!
  2. Pandin Lake! Pandin Lake! Pandin Lake!
  3. Vertical Horizon x Blink 182 x Third Eye Blind x Semisonic x Puddle of Mudd first thing in the morning, before bed or just about anytime I feel like it, while finishing chores or while drinking something with my back on the set. Nothing like the 90s alternative to get all the senti feels going.
  4. Quality time. *winks*
  5. Sisig. In which I have developed some unexplainable craving that I luckily get to satisfy just in time for the unluckily next craving. Oh, tummy.
  6. Getting back to reading again finally! After monthsss of being on a reading slump. Currently re-reading Bared To You in preparation for the two sequels.
  7. Cupcakes and pixies.
  8. Sbarro, Transformers 4 and really comfy seats and floors. (Successfully trumped up all the hassles.)
  9. Openness to friends and the overwhelming acceptance and happiness from them.
  10. The resilience and optimism of Filipinos during and after GlendaPH. 
It gets easier to overlook chaotic times, dark nights, peeled roofs, and fallen trees knowing that the likes of the abovementioned little things matter more.

Life is always worth living.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pandin Lake: Post-Birthday Quickie

Short but sweet.

That’s how I would describe last Sunday’s getaway in a not-so-far-away paradise – lo and behold, Pandin Lake. Being one of the seven lakes found in San Pablo City, Laguna, Pandin is a lake that boasts of a very nice greenery that wholly surrounds it. A first peek at the place and it’s definitely the first thing that would make anyone go woah. The water and the mass of trees that makes for a great backdrop, that with the blue sky over it, they complement each other flawlessly. Oh, there’s nothing like it.
And in that beauty, in that lake perfection that I just described, was where I had my post-birthday celebration with friends. I couldn’t have celebrated it anywhere else better. Lucky me! 
The place was one thing, but the experience was a whole other story.
When we toured the lake, we were on a balsa – with a freaking kubo on it – just the coolest thing. And while we were drinking in Pandin’s beauty and chillin’ on a balsa, with a halo-halo in hand, seafoods and ensalada on the table and Magic!’s Rude on the speaker, we couldn’t help but say This is the life! for it really was. Sarap!
The rest of the lake adventure was spent playing with a swing made out of a tree’s long and curved branch, jumping to the deep, deep water (shout out to the inventor of life vests hahaha) which was amazingly not that cold and not that warm either, singing along to Sam Smith (whose songs were so unfitting to our trip but didn’t matter anymore for as long as we had something we could sing along to), and gobbling down plates of tilapia, shrimp and ensalada. What a happy birthday indeed!
We also got to see Yambu Lake, another one of the seven, which was separated from Pandin on one side only by a tall mass of soil which we had to hike. It was also very nice. Glad to have officially seen the third of the seven lakes.
I'm not sure if this much appreciation came as a result of not being aware that these beauty and arrangement would be what would welcome us or if it really was just an amazing place, but I am honestly more inclined to agree with the latter. 
I thank my friends for always bringing me to nice places. I think I wouldn’t be able to be this much of an adventurer without the companionship and boost from these spirited people. And though we had very limited time, it had still been a good time with them. 
We capped off the day playing Uno Cards at Kreng’s. Truly memorable as I was the sore loser of the last game who had to dance as a punishment. Oh boy, just my luck! 
I’ll be thinking about Pandin for days, that’s for sure.

*Thanks to Kreng and Jerome for the photos!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

To the Dad who…

  • happens to be the coolest father there is with all his calm and composed disposition (Things may have already gone south, but he would just be standing there quietly listening to some song while thinking of something to make things better.)
  • I’d rather be with when shopping than Mommy because he knows just where to go exactly. (That and he gives me all the freedom to choose whatever I want.)
  • always, always smells so good – even after he has dusted off every dirt in every corner of every room in the house
  • tells stories in the gayest, funniest way
  • whenever he curses me, makes me laugh hard instead of making me feel offended (I know, we could be a weird bunch. Harhar.)
  • cooks the yummiest Pastel in the world – with too much melted cheese, just the way I like it
  • has better taste in brands than anyone in the family
  • pampers, or better yet, spoils me all the time (Hahahaha!)
  • just can’t say no to her only daughter (Yeah, unica hija perks! Haha!)
  • I first tell about my plans because I know he wouldn’t argue with me, or would argue then give in eventually
  • whenever he is home and I am not yet, would wait outside for me until I get home, rain or shine!
  • remains to be the figure everyone in the family ultimately looks up to and listens to
  • teaches us life lessons in the most laid back way (You know, no pressure really.)
  • still calls me his “little girl” even at this age (Probably until forever)
  • sacrifices being with his family just to be the good provider that he is supposed to be
  • just like mom, loves us unconditionally
Happy Father’s Day! You are my hero!


I have been getting into list-type posts lately because they are just so easy to write. I hope this is not getting any boring because that would totally suck. Haha!

Bye for now! xx

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Happy List: Random List #1

I found out about this great idea on Nothing Spaces and Wild Spirit, and then I got inspired to start writing my own series of happy things. Why? Because it is what it is, a simple yet loud reminder of the good things, the little joys, that materialize day in and day out. It is refreshing and cathartic to find out that there are actually far more happy happenings around us than we initially think if we only choose to look closely. This also is a great way to get the cheery spirit back on down days particularly.
Today I begin with my first ever happy list, and I am writing this with a big, big smile on my face.
  1. The few, precious cold nights in summer
  2. Coca-Cola and that burning feeling in my throat when I gulp it down. Yes, I can be that shallow.
  3. Puerto Galera and Batangas memories
  4. Long, random conversations that shift from being all funny to all serious and back to all funny again with my favorite person
  5. Cheap but cute stuff. Super steal!
  6. Washing the dishes and sweeping the floor sometimes
  7. Unplanned lunch-outs, dinners, hangouts. I hate my bloated tummy, but a good company and good food! Who could resist that?!
  8. Bullying and being bullied back by the pamangkins
  9. The honesty that comes from me
  10. Messaging friends on a random night, even when I don’t really have anything to say, because I want them to know I remember them, and vice versa.
  11. Seeing that traffic is at its worst and knowing I have nowhere else to be but at home. Hallelujah.
  12. The BK Flame-grilled Cheeseburger bondings. Plus large fries.
I love this. There are just a lot of things to write it's impossible to contain them in one post. I urge everyone to make a list. Let's spread happy things and thoughts!

And while you're at it, you might also want to read other people's lists because they are just so inspiring.


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