Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Happy List: Random List #13

Here’s another list for y’all and me!
  1. Playing Jenga for the first time
  2. One whole day with my college friends and too much potato in my system, hahaha
  3. Swimming with Basty in his toy pool
  4. Fully booked classes
  5. Sweet words of appreciation from my students warming my heart, awww
  6. De-cluttering our double deck and putting a curtain in my room
  7. A new backpack ‘cos that Vans’ crazy sale was too good to pass up
  8. HTGAWM S03, Suits S05, 13 Reasons Why
  9. Looking forward to my next adventures
  10. Acceptance being a key factor in the survival of the fittest
  11. Holding onto good things

Yup, let’s go and do that… hold onto good things. :)

*Photo source: Justine Dador

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Happy List: Random List #12

Long time no blogging!

I had been hating on myself for setting this blog aside since the turn of the new year, but you know, life’s life. You got to deal with it.

Life’s been pretty busy for me. I dealt with something personally important. I had been meaning to do something meaningful. An opportunity came. And knowing that the timing was perfect, I grabbed it right away. I wanted to be sure that I’d get it, so I put all my attention and time there. Everything eventually paid off! Now I’m one happy being again! Yipeeeteeee!
Here are some of the things that keep me cheery lately:

  1. Trying out something new – online teaching! Cutest job ever! It may not sound major to anyone else, but the thing is, change scares me and it took me a hell of nerves before I decided to do this.
  2. Fast and stable Internet connection. Never thought I would have this much appreciation for the Internet. Hahaha!
  3. My mini-makeshift work station. It’s a bit narrow, super messy and not yet finished, but I’m already liking the feel of it and being cramped inside it. J
  4. Reuniting with high school friends!
  5. More social time with workmates
  6. Nicole, my niece, graduating in elementary and Aly, my other niece, completing high school. Congratulations, you guys!!! I am so proud!
  7. My well-spent Holy Week vacation
  8. My annual Way of the Cross panata and the scenic route we followed
  9. Boodle fights with my family, the best kasalo ever
  10. Choosing to be the nicer, bigger person and actually feeling pure about it
  11. Helping someone become better at something
  12. Work balance? Still arguable but yeah hehehe
  13. Finding inspiration and encouragement in other people’s words


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


What would this world be without your vibrance?
This household without your tenderness?
This family sans your devotion?
Me in the absence of your affection?

You’ve got more than character
You’ve got verve, got candor
You don’t do ordinary, boring love
It’s either silent love or tough love

I’ve grown to be stubborn and spunky
So much so that at times I fight even Mommy
And for that, I’ll never stop apologizing
Selfless, you deserve no less than a child so revering

But I could also be laidback and funny
Able to carry myself around uncaringly
Others never let their kids go un-chaperoned
But you let me do my thing, look after my own

They would think you don't pay attention
Truth is I've become my best version
All because you never confined your child to rust
The greatest yield of our maternal bond is trust

What would this world be without your vibrance?
This household without your tenderness?
This family sans your devotion?
Me in the absence of your affection?

Happy birthday, Mommy! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Family Christmas: 2016 Christmas Photo Dump No. 4

December 25, 2016 | Sunday

Here’s to the most eventful Christmas day I’ve had with #TheRimases to date!
I had fun enduring each other’s noise, taking photos for memory keeping’s sake, exchanging gifts with them for the first time, playing (and winning) bingo (which was total madness btw), devouring potluck dishes, and munching on some leftovers after every game.
It may not be that obvious, BUT I TRULY AND SINCERELY LOVE MY FAMILY! :)
Happy New Year again!
Photo sources: Charina Iraola and yours truly!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Friendsgiving: 2016 Christmas Photo Dump No. 3

December 17, 2016 | Saturday

Tastes Around the World was the chosen theme of our batch for this year’s Friendsgiving! From decorations to games to food, we have all made sure to follow it.
There were kids! Many of them! What was funny was how the kids who were supposed to be the cause of noise were the ones who were actually deafened many times by the shouting, cheering, stomping, and clapping of the supposed adults. Hahaha! Sorry, kiddos!
Props to Nhika Marfil and Sarah Danao not just for putting up this yearend party together for all of us but for also planning and organizing all the other events and beach trips of the past year. They did so well! We benefited! Harhar! Thanks, guys!
Good luck to our 2017 planners: Antoniette and Joeyleen! You go, guys!

Happy New Year!

Photo sources: Joeyleen Aquino, Antoniette Pulutan, Justine Dador, Jerome Satera


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