Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Happy List: Random List #13

Here’s another list for y’all and me!
  1. Playing Jenga for the first time
  2. One whole day with my college friends and too much potato in my system, hahaha
  3. Swimming with Basty in his toy pool
  4. Fully booked classes
  5. Sweet words of appreciation from my students warming my heart, awww
  6. De-cluttering our double deck and putting a curtain in my room
  7. A new backpack ‘cos that Vans’ crazy sale was too good to pass up
  8. HTGAWM S03, Suits S05, 13 Reasons Why
  9. Looking forward to my next adventures
  10. Acceptance being a key factor in the survival of the fittest
  11. Holding onto good things

Yup, let’s go and do that… hold onto good things. :)

*Photo source: Justine Dador


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