Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Risk is the spice of life. – Komatsu

Hooray! So happy I’m finally done reading 1Q84! (This is a late post, though.)

FYI, the original version of 1Q84 was written in Japanese and divided into three separate books. The version I read, though, had been translated in English and published as a single book. You could only imagine how much effort and how many days I spent just to finish this. Haha!
Aomame had been transported into a two-mooned world she called 1Q84 where logic didn’t seem to fit in. Tengo rewrote a novel by Sakigake member Fuka-Eri entitled Air Chrysalis, which he didn’t know would be the turning point of his life. From there on, many secrets had been revealed. The events which transpired interwove the characters’ destinies.
There’s nothing wrong with not looking like something. It just means you don’t fit the stereotype yet. – Professor Ebisuno

1Q84 is a fiction of everything serious and profound. It’s like whatever you read means something else or something deep. And since it is a mix of different genres (drama, suspense, thriller, romance), one moment you feel for the character’s tragic life; next thing you know you’re anxious about a chapter’s turnout.

1Q84 is a book full of mysteries. Instead of becoming boring and confusing with overflowing mysteries, 1Q84 just keeps on drawing you into it. And since this novel has a very unique story, it can also be expected that the complications will be just as extraordinary. The total cluelessness as to where the story is headed, even when I am already done with a couple of hundred pages, has pushed me to continue. It’s that ignorance that got me hooked.

The characters of the story were strong. By strong, I meant they were able to put up with their roles. The course of their actions matched their personalities well. J

Somewhere along the story, I felt like I was reading a book within a book. As you should already know by now, 1Q84 is a book about another book which is Air Chrysalis. It reminded me of the movie Inception – dream within a dream within a dream. Cool beans! J 
It could be that everything’s decided in advance and we pretend we’re making choices. Free will may be an illusion. – Aomame

If there were anything I didn’t like much about the book, it would be the fact that it ended abruptly! If you had read the story, you’d know that was not where it should’ve ended. The conclusion wasn’t that satisfying. There were still a lot of things which needed answers. What would happen to the Sakigake? What was the purpose of the little one in Aomame’s belly? What about the new air chrysalis the Little People were doing? What about Tengo’s new novel? But the author decided to finish the story right there and then, so poof, end of story. I don’t know, but I strongly believe there are still lots of unresolved issues here.

After reading, I was left afloat not knowing what to think. I didn’t know what to feel. It seemed like there was so much going on I didn’t know where to focus.

Overall, I gotta say I enjoyed it still. I mean, I wouldn’t have finished it if it weren’t that interesting at all. A nicer ending could’ve made it a whole lot better, though. J

There are certain meanings that are lost forever the moment they are explained in words. – Leader Tamotsu Fukada

Are you done reading this book? Share your thoughts!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Decisions and stuff

The thing about decisions is… it sucks.

Sucks to a point where even in the littlest things we have to make them. Why can't just things happen? Why can't we just go with the flow and not give a care in the world, so that later on we won't have to wonder about why things are like this or like that? They get to you, you know.

We can't simply because we can't. Period.

I hate that I'm powerless against my brain, that I can't shut off the part of it which forces me to think of life's whys and ifs. I mean, come on, do I really have to torture myself with thoughts I don’t want to have? Can I just please jump to that part where everything is okay and perfect right now? If only I could, I would.

But maybe, just maybe, life would be less meaningful and livable if I skipped this part. Maybe I'd be less of a person without it. Not maybe. Exactly.

Though I know this, nothing has changed. I’m still disgusted by the idea of making decisions because I always end up making the wrong call.

I’m not writing this so I can justify the mistakes that I have made. Not even to put the blame on anyone or myself. What good would that do? Some may think this is a cry for help. No. This is me acknowledging what’s wrong. I’m doing this to let go of long-kept emotions and clear my head, because finally the weight of my decisions has dawned on me. I see everything now, and what I see is an ugly sight.

Missed chances.
Awful consequences.
Sugarcoated blame.
And random self-loathing. Ugh.

We are sometimes afraid of decisions because we know they define who we are; more so, where we are and what we do right now may be rooted from the choices we made in the past. Some of our decisions from before will try to catch up with our present, even with our future. We’re scared because we have to take responsibility for them after some time, if not now. Maybe it’s just me. Or is it?

I think good decision-making, just like wisdom, comes with age. And from that point of view, I’m still that infantile three-year old late bloomer who has yet to learn how to walk without wobbling and talk without stuttering. Even worse, I think I’ll stay this way for a while.

I failed. I thought discussing (rambling about) it here would make things better. It didn’t.

Or maybe it did. I don’t know.

That being said, I don’t want to pretend I’m feeling better because I’m not. I’m not yet done with my rants. But I’ve already said too much here, so I’ll just continue where I left off inside my head.

And as much as I want to give this a somewhat hopeful end, I can’t for two reasons. One, because I still can’t accept the fact that I’ve let my judgment be clouded by doubt; two, because this isn’t the end yet. In fact, this is just the beginning.

Someday soon, when this is all over, I’ll stop questioning life.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hi there! I just completed reading Jamie McGuire’s Walking Disaster. But just because I’m finished with it, doesn’t mean I’m done swooning over Travis’ megaultra-sweetness. Oh gosh, I just can’t contain it! Haha! I can be boyish and naïve most times, but the truth is, I can also be a real sucker for everything romantic. What a cheeseball you might say, I know. Haha!


Walking Disaster has, as a whole, the same storyline as Jamie McGuire’s claim to fame novel, BeautifulDisaster. As a follow-up, the only difference is everything that’s inside it is taken from a different angle – from Travis Maddox’s point of view! (Girls, we all know how much of a treat that is. Harhar!) Read this blogpost to have an idea about Beautiful Disaster’s plot.
I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you. – Travis Maddox

Seeing everything through Travis’ eyes was enough reason to say that I totally enjoyed this chick-lit. How could I not? This was an opportunity to completely understand his actions. For instance, his true concern which he chose to hold back inside and his emotions which were oftentimes misinterpreted. It was like a backdoor into every ideal guy’s mind. What a treat!

I didn’t know I was lost until you found me. I didn’t know what alone was until the first night I spent without you in my bed. You’re the one thing I’ve got right. You’re what I’ve been waiting for, Pigeon. – Travis

As I was reading along, I always had to give myself a chance to process what was going on. There was always a need for me to take a break after each ooey-gooey moment (which was available at the turn of every page) because I had to savor the mushiness down to its last bit, which I did through silent screams and little shrieks. Haha!

I think this novel is sexier than Beautiful Disaster but not the Fifty Shades kind of sexy, of course.J I felt like there were more steamy scenes, and that it was more visual when it came to the thoughts of Trav. Maybe because it was from a guy’s POV. (Does that sound sexist to you? I hope not. Haha!)

And because I’ve already read Beautiful Disaster, it became kind of boring to read the other chapters as expected. What mostly kept my interest were the parts which weren’t told in the Beautiful Disaster, particularly the parts where it used to only be Abby present. Walking Disaster filled in the blanks left unanswered by the first book.

There were still times when their toxic affair got exhausting, just like how I felt with Beautiful Disaster. Their relationship had so much going on. Good thing there was Travis’ excessive showing of love a girl could ever ask from a guy. He was the saving grace of this all. BE MINE, TRAVIS! BE MINE! Hahaha!
Then there was the epilogue. Gosh, just when I thought the story couldn’t get any more romantic. A perfect match job and lovely kids – how mature! At first I thought the story jumped too far, but then I got to the sweet part and understood.J It was the best way to end Abby and Travis’ love story.

To wrap this up, I’d say I had fallen head over heels in love with Travis for the second time around. Aw! I’ve had an amazing time following this beautiful tale of two people crazy about each other.J

Chick-lit fans, rejoice for this one’s made especially for you!

Are you done reading this book? Share your thoughts!

When I think about my future, I see you.  – Abby Abernathy


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