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Risk is the spice of life. – Komatsu

Hooray! So happy I’m finally done reading 1Q84! (This is a late post, though.)

FYI, the original version of 1Q84 was written in Japanese and divided into three separate books. The version I read, though, had been translated in English and published as a single book. You could only imagine how much effort and how many days I spent just to finish this. Haha!
Aomame had been transported into a two-mooned world she called 1Q84 where logic didn’t seem to fit in. Tengo rewrote a novel by Sakigake member Fuka-Eri entitled Air Chrysalis, which he didn’t know would be the turning point of his life. From there on, many secrets had been revealed. The events which transpired interwove the characters’ destinies.
There’s nothing wrong with not looking like something. It just means you don’t fit the stereotype yet. – Professor Ebisuno

1Q84 is a fiction of everything serious and profound. It’s like whatever you read means something else or something deep. And since it is a mix of different genres (drama, suspense, thriller, romance), one moment you feel for the character’s tragic life; next thing you know you’re anxious about a chapter’s turnout.

1Q84 is a book full of mysteries. Instead of becoming boring and confusing with overflowing mysteries, 1Q84 just keeps on drawing you into it. And since this novel has a very unique story, it can also be expected that the complications will be just as extraordinary. The total cluelessness as to where the story is headed, even when I am already done with a couple of hundred pages, has pushed me to continue. It’s that ignorance that got me hooked.

The characters of the story were strong. By strong, I meant they were able to put up with their roles. The course of their actions matched their personalities well. J

Somewhere along the story, I felt like I was reading a book within a book. As you should already know by now, 1Q84 is a book about another book which is Air Chrysalis. It reminded me of the movie Inception – dream within a dream within a dream. Cool beans! J 
It could be that everything’s decided in advance and we pretend we’re making choices. Free will may be an illusion. – Aomame

If there were anything I didn’t like much about the book, it would be the fact that it ended abruptly! If you had read the story, you’d know that was not where it should’ve ended. The conclusion wasn’t that satisfying. There were still a lot of things which needed answers. What would happen to the Sakigake? What was the purpose of the little one in Aomame’s belly? What about the new air chrysalis the Little People were doing? What about Tengo’s new novel? But the author decided to finish the story right there and then, so poof, end of story. I don’t know, but I strongly believe there are still lots of unresolved issues here.

After reading, I was left afloat not knowing what to think. I didn’t know what to feel. It seemed like there was so much going on I didn’t know where to focus.

Overall, I gotta say I enjoyed it still. I mean, I wouldn’t have finished it if it weren’t that interesting at all. A nicer ending could’ve made it a whole lot better, though. J

There are certain meanings that are lost forever the moment they are explained in words. – Leader Tamotsu Fukada

Are you done reading this book? Share your thoughts!


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