Monday, July 1, 2013


From last year’s cute cupcakes to this year’s fancy choco mousse, Faith and Joson’s gifts always give me such sweet delight. So thoughtful. What a surprise!
They, though weird and crazy, are two amazing friends who never fail to make me smile on my big day. I am so glad to have welcomed my 22nd birthday with them. Happy kid here!

Bru and Joson, I love you and your quirks. You two light up our home with your every visit. Hangouts like this may look just like any ordinary visit, but they sure mean so much to me. THANK YOU! (Thank you also to Bernard/Fern. Ayeee!)
It’s also worth mentioning that today is the 3rd birthday of my blog. Celebrate! I myself am also surprised to learn that I started this hobby on the same day of my birthday last, last, last year. Cool beans! Happy birthday, Utopian Dream Afterthoughts. Cheers!

A happy, happy 21st birthday also to Jonas, the guy who encouraged me to sign up here in the first place! Have a blast, Utoy!

*thanks to Faith for the photos!

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