Monday, July 2, 2012


070212. monday.

just wanna share a photo of this cutie present i got on my birthday. :)

thank you to the TWO thoughtful friends of mine who still came over to our place even if i begged them not to. don’t know if i should or should not be grateful for that. KIDDING! of course i’m grateful! HAHA.

they had to wait for me ‘coz i left home and went somewhere else. they were too patient and persistent to leave. HAHA.

i do appreciate this so much. SIMPLE YET SWEET. :)

made it my wallpaper. HAHA. wag na majinx.
i don’t even wanna take a bite. i don’t want the cupcakes to lose their form thinking they won’t be cute anymore. HAHA.

thanks again JOSON and FAITH for the gift. :)))


  1. hey there man! HIHI. that's soo cute! haha. :D

  2. is it cute? you know what's cuter? if you'd make me something with your own hands (or maybe with your little machine right there). HAHA. if you know what i mean. hahaha! what's up?

  3. hahaha. not to make promises, but prolly i could make you one with this so much time that i have. just you wait parfait. hahaha.

  4. ohwell, gonna look forward to that! haha!



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