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Of Mice and Men is a straightforward and moving story of friendship, dreams and sacrifices.

George Milton and Lennie Small have been accompanying each other for the longest time, both moving from one place to another to find a job in a ranch. they work hard with the hope of soon achieving their dream of having a land they’d own. and due to an unexpected circumstance, George had to do something that would forever separate him from Lennie, which is also for the latter’s good.

as for me, what George and Lennie had was real and unconditional friendship. George is the picture of a dependable companion. despite all of Lennie’s flaws(things which are not easy to bear and tolerate), George never left him and never thought of doing so. he considered Lennie his family. in contrast, Lennie is a symbol of honesty and sincerity. he’s not normal, he easily forgets, he finds happiness in stroking mice and rabbits. he trusts George so much. he might be naive but when it comes to George, he’s willing to do everything and obey anything that he’d say.

there are a lot of poignant instances – when George comforts Lennie by telling him about all their plans over and over again, when George is worried about Lennie being hurt, when Lennie only listens to what George has to say because he knows George won’t do anything that will harm him, when George does all he can to give Lennie what he wants.

the most heartbreaking moment was when George had to kill Lennie to make sure he wouldn’t suffer in the hands of other people. it was like suicide, euthanasia. George’d rather shoot Lennie himself instead of letting the enemies lay their hands on his friend. i nearly cried. i was dumbfounded. i mean, what else could me more tragic??? :(

as a consequence, the dream they once had would never ever come to life now. if it’d ever happen, George would be alone in it.

Of Mice and Men is a quick read because it is told in a simple and direct manner. it does not have much details but the story is just brilliantly crafted. this is one of those stories which doesn’t have to try hard in touching the reader’s feelings. the emotion is felt right away. the surprise hits you just in time. the heartache comes and stays longer. depression takes over.

now i totally understand why it has become a timeless classic. consider this among my favorites from now on. :)

after everything, i asked myself, i think it’s also a good idea if i’d ask you.

how far are you willing to go for your friend? 

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