Sunday, August 5, 2012


080312. friday.

this is another day of only happy times with friends. HAHA. sad that yvonne and jot didn’t make it.

whatever happened to 1 p.m.? 1 p.m. turned out to be 4 p.m. with us. WHAT THE? well, it’s just how we are and we’ve learned to live with that. HAHA.

when ago arrived, she was carrying a paperbag. my heart jumped! she had something for each of us! woof-woof! I LOVE GIFTS! no matter what they are. the DIY girl that ago is, she gave roc and jonas handmaid denim bracelets! i got a pouch! woof-woof!
thanks, sugar! appreciated! :)
then, here came jonas saying something. yes, he also had something for ago and me. since he knows we love reading, he brought us old issues of National Geographic. when i say old, i mean really old, like 1997 and 1983! HAHAHA. we have no idea where he dug up those, but yea we still appreciate them. thank you! HAHA.
old school. HAHA. my brother's delighted to see it.
even the pages with cut outs are appreciated. HAHA. i wonder. in which projects did you use them, jonas? HAHAHA. 
too bad roc and i didn't have anything for them. they should’ve told us. we could get them chewing gums or anything worth P2.00. kidding. HAHA.

more surprises…

jonas and ago have already made plans of what we were gonna do today, which left roc and me clueless. after learning that DJ gabby was mad at us for not inviting them during our graduation, jonas and ago wanted and decided to make amends with the DJs of Radyo Natin 106. 3 FM Laguna. aside from visiting the station, this is what they thought of doing…
guess who did this. AGOOO and her inventive hands. HAHA.

turned out to be a great make-up gift for the RN people. they seemed to like it! well, it’s personalized, so what’s not to like? HAHA. we spent an hour chatting with ms. bienaflor and DJ gabby, reminiscing our Radyo Natin days(programming, graveyard co-hosting, the texters, the topics, the most played songs, etc. HAHA.). DJ rich was also there, but he was kinda busy so we didn’t really get to talk to him. good thing they still remember us. HAHA. jeez, it was a nice feeling to go back to the place where we all learned about radio production, the fruits of our hardwork. admit it, radio production had been one of the most enjoyable subjects because we really had the chance to be disc jockeys, and because we were trained at Radyo Natin. :)

then, we were starving for food, as always. HAHA.

we headed out to Yellow Cab to grab a pizza.
we didn't talk about the color of what we'd be wearing, SWEAR! 
New York's Finest indeed! (:
 *thanks to roc, jonas and ago for the photos.

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