Monday, August 13, 2012


081212. sunday.

food will always find a way to unite us all. :)

yesterday, 081112, our class was once again reunited. we were invited by Tapang for Brgy. Sta. Clara's feast.  fiestas can only mean one thing - FOOD. HAHA.

is this occasion somewhat familiar to you? de javu. well, if you read this blogpost(maghapon sa pyestahan.), you'd know that we were also here last year. yes, this has been an annual gathering for all of us. HAHA.

thank you for this special event as we got to see many of our classmates again! most are now busy with their own lives that we barely hangout together anymore. too bad. HAHA. and this is where our love for food comes in. it's automatic. when we talk about food, if not everybody, most  will show up. that is very true in this case. more than half of the class came over. yvonne, jusz, jerome, sarah, kreng, moning, jonas, vyna, paul, hanawoods and boyfriend, pammy, dervs, bistek, tapang (the host), and me.
as always, their buffet was uh-mah-zing. cordon bleu, my all time favorite, is the bomb! there were also the other fiesta staples like lumpiang shanghai, menudo, embutido, and fish fillet among others. happy tummies. HAHA.
our dessert was kind of special. instead of the usual sweet treats, we had a chitchat of the latest gossips in town. HAHA. and as always, there were so many shocking, tantrum-causing news made by shocking people. HAHAHA. well, seems like a lot has already happened since we left school. oh, how much i miss school. we did some catching up. a lot has changed with us. some got better, some got worse. well, it’s their choice, so…
let the story begin. once upon a time...   HAHA.
very intense while listening to the stories/chismis. HAHA.
thanks to my good friends (jonas, bistek, kreng, and dervs) for teaching me how to play the card game “in between.” woof-woof! it’s such a fun game, plus it’s very easy to learn. we didn’t just play, we gambled. HAHA. dervs was the winner, he got away with the most money. i wish it was me. next time, imma beat you all! wait for my sweet revenge! HAHA.
my teachers. haha.
playmates/enemies. HAHA.
thumbs up for a crazy game. :)
that’s onehelluvaday! :) this wouldn’t be the last. surely, we’ll have more of this. i am looking forward to the next. where will it be? we’ll soon find out. HAHA. thanks to Matapang and her family for inviting us over. they never fail to satisfy our bellies. HAHA. 

*thanks to jerome, kreng and jonas for most of the photos.

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