Saturday, August 13, 2011

maghapon sa pyestahan.


we didn't have classes but we still went to school just to meet. we're all headed to one classmate's place, tapang's. what for? FIESTA! we' re always into fiestas! whenever there is fiesta in a classmate's place, we shouldn't miss it! haha. more than that, we go in a big group. i don't know. may be our stomachs are all jiving at the thought of fiestas. haha! may be we weren't only feeding ourselves. may be we also have alagas in our tummies. MGA DRAGON as we call them. haha.

i woke up late then i received a message from mame saying that they are about to go the fiesta already. damn. i didn't know they'd go that early. i took a very quick bath, fixed myself, and hurried to school. they were already hungry 'coz they've been in school since nine. poor them. haha. when i arrived, we were all ready to go but we couldn't because we were still waiting for yvonne. while waiting, a jeepney was all set for us so we went to up inside. wrong decision! it was soo damn hot then! we were all complaining! hahaha! we were all like, "what the hell is taking yvonne so long?!" haha! she said she was already in carmelray, then minutes passed, still no signs of yvonne! we were all thinking that when she said she was already in carmelray, she was still in st. james! haha! that's something we all do just so those waiting for us won't get mad! i confess. i do that. my classmates do it too. hahahaha!

we reached tapang's place by 3 pm. then, i realized that our class attendance was almost complete except for may be five who didn't come. sad for them. they missed out on a lot. haha. the food was crazy!!!!!!!!! oh god! we all attacked on the table when it was our turn! everyone was so excited for everything. haha! i let my classmates go first on the food. when it was my turn, the one i was so excited about, the cordon bleu, wasn't there! the bowl was empty! oh no! did i just miss it? luckily, no. haha. the bowl was once again filled with cordon bleu! happy me! i didn't have much rice. i just filled my plate with menudo, cordon bleu, embotido. haha. i had macaroni salad, my favorite, for dessert. then, we were all so full! stomachs were bloated. it was natural 'coz the food was great. haha. ago, kreng and i went for a walk at the cedera to let loose of all that we had. there were good and cheap items. haha.

*big thanks to kreng for all the photos. haha.

some of our classmates had a drink. haha. i didn't go with them 'coz i didn't like what they had. hehe. i just watched tv, chatted, and laughed with my other classmates. great time. every now and then, my classamtes and i would go to the table and grab some food. haha. we were that comfortable with the place and the family that we were already that thick-skinned to do such. big thanks to tapang's family! haha! may be, it is also because we'd only just want to make the most out of the very little time left for us to bond and share togetha'. juwie was so soo emotional. i understand her. hehe. by six or seven, some already left but we stayed. haha. before we left, we had dinner there! hahaha! we really had a lot. very unforgettable fiesta experience. we were there from three to may be nine. we saw guests arrive and leave but we stood strong and didn't leave early. haha! that's how we do it.

since it was fiesta, it wasn't easy getting a ride. haha. so we waited for a while then a tricycle came. we needed two 'coz we couldn't fit in only one. we decided that ago, je, marfi, yvonne, jusz and i would go first and we'd just wait for the others (dervs, juwie, paminta jot, and sarah) at san agustin. off we go. on our way, i noticed that we weren't on the right direction. i told them to ask manong if he knew where we were going. he answered us "to san juan." we rode on the wrong tricycle. haha. we asked him to get us back to where we were. juwie, jotie, sarah, and dervs weren't there anymore. they were already in transit. haha! poor us, we had to wait for quite a long time since every tricycle that passed was already had passengers. finally, we spotted an empty one. on our way, those who were on the backride shouted. we found out that it was because the camera case of justine fell. haha. they shouted so loud that we thought someone got hurt. haha. yvonne was talking to the driver about spooky stories of tiyanaks in the place. she'd shout every now and then. ironic how she was so scared but still kept asking. haha! another funny instance on our way home was when i found out that i didn't pay the tricycle driver! i didn't intentionally do it! haha! there was a misunderstanding. i asked jusz to pay for me, then i'd just pay her later. i thought she heard me right. when we reached san agustin, i heard her say, "eto po manong, dalawa (can't remember the exact words)."

then while in the bus, 

me:   ako na magababayad sa'yo.
jusz:  bakit?
me:   binayad mo ko kanina a?
jusz: kailan? wala akong matandaan?
me:  sa tricycle kanina.
jusz: wala akong matandaan.
me:  basta. eto na bayad natin.

we were in the jeepney when she said she already knew what happened. she didn't really pay for my fare. she paid for ago's fare only. i thought when she said "eto po manong, dalawa" it was for me and her. damn funny! hahaha! we all went home happy with our stomachs filled with food and our hearts filled with love. haha!

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