Tuesday, August 2, 2011

late submission

last night while watching a movie, ago texted me. when i read the message, i was shocked too. she said that she wasn't able to pass her application form for graduation which was due last july 31! that was the time when i remembered that i myself wasn't able to pass mine too!!! i checked my bag and there it was. hell no! i forgot. she was panicking too much because she thought that if we weren't able to submit then we wouldn't be included in the list of the expected graduates! worst case scenario, we wouldn't be counted in the graduation. HAHAHA! i was more relaxed than ago was about the issue. i really didn't mind much. i don't know why. haha. maybe because i don't really care at all.

luckily, when we went to the registrar's office earlier, our forms were still accepted though passed late. haha. there really is nothing to worry. :)

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