Sunday, August 14, 2011


i just finished reading this book today. it's been quite a long while since the last time i read a book. kinda' busy with school that's why. haha.

CROSS is obviously another novel from the cross series by james patterson.

well, what can i say? i didn't have a hard time reading it. maybe because the story moves quickly from one murder to another. and maybe because the twists were not that many, but that doesn't mean it was boring. i couldn't let go of the novel the moment i started reading the first page simply because i missed reading. haha. and since we're talking about james patterson here, brutality is common. i found the heartless and merciless killings in CROSS a bit lighter than those i've read before ( jack and jill & 1st to die). is it because i got so used to reading things like that? because of familiarity? i can't tell myself. the descriptions of the murder were cruel but not as cruel as in the other novels. there's just one thing. i didn't get too excited while reading it, not the adrenaline that i expected to have since this is a suspense and action novel. maybe it lacked something, something i can't identify which.

by the way, i borrowed this book from ago. haha.
i like the lead character, Alex Cross, as always. his character speaks of responsibility and upright authority. the story revolved around this hitman they call "the butcher" who rapes then murders women. he doesn't just kill, he mutilates, scrapes, and defaces. an incident with cross's wife connects alex to this hitman. through the story, i learned why "the butcher" became like that and why he is doing such crazy things.

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