Friday, August 5, 2011

ang babae sa septic tank, baby!

WINNER! two thumbs up!

'Ang Babae sa Septic Tank' is among the few Pinoy films that is really worth watching. no doubt they went home with many awards.  makes me proud to be a Filipino. it had been quite a long time since i saw a Pinoy film this remarkable. the plot was great and unique. it is something i have not seen in any other films. the attack on the subject of the film was different which makes it superb. it is basically about filmmaking and the different attacks you can use to make the film satisfy what you want or try to tell your audience. i love the movie within the movie,  'WALANG WALA'. haha.

i love the actors' acting. their portrayals are all so casual, the "no acting acting," or the "as is, where is acting" as they call it. they are so effective. :)

moreover, what made it more interesting for me is the fact that the story has something to do with my course. i was able to relate. it is so cool. i can remember ms. gerby when the actors were talking about the sequence treatment. haha. at least, i learned something from our class. haha! i find it really amazing.

these indie movies in our country are far better than most mainstream shits they show in cinemas. i wish a day will come when all Filipinos will see the beauty and brilliance of these indie films we have. i'm not generalizing here, but most people in the industry are only after the money, what they'll earn. hence, the quality is sacrificed. come on. that shouldn't be the case. is that how much we lord money? as what was said in the movie, we can also do something for the soul, and what you can give the soul can yield something that is more than just satisfaction. it is FULFILLMENT. 

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