Sunday, July 31, 2011


a black chocolate. this is my pasalubong from a very good friend. haven't tasted it yet so i still don't know whether it's good or not. but no matter what, it is still appreciated! haha. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HE really WAS COOL

watched this korean movie earlier. HE WAS COOL is very cute and light. i love how the tough and "untouchable" guy was eventually softened by the sweetness and cuteness of the girl. i love the guy's character in the story! i love how he is so possessive and so protective of his girl. haha. also, it is refreshing to see this  film. i am so done with all those movies of heartbreak and heartache. time for something new. HAHA. 

(took this from wikipedia) haha.

gift :)

late upload. on my birthday last july 1, ago gave this gift to me. it's a mini perfume. actually, there was a candy lollipop too. haha. very much appreciated, sugar. :)

i hope on my next birthday you'll give me something again. BWAHA! just kidding.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


earlier this afternoon, ago asked me to accompany her in the library 'coz she had to borrow a book. i gladly said yes to her. after finding what she was looking for, we sat to relax a bit before leaving. then, she took this pencil and said, "di na ata ako marunong mag-drawing e." all of a sudden she was sketching my face in a paper given to us by ms. gerby. what's cool about it is the fact that she was doing it while we were casually talking. it's as if she was just stroking that pencil here and there. then, VOILA! it was done! 

hayop si ago e. ultimo yung tikwas ng buhok ko detalyado. HAHA.

HAHA. what i like the most about it? i love how every detail perfectly resembled me. my wavy hair on the drawing is how it is in real life! ago is indeed one talented bitch. thanks, sugar. haha.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


never thought it would be like that! hahaha! last night was fionna's debut! we were invited. so ago, marfi, yvonne, roc, jonas, paminta jot, niax, and i went there. we went to sm first and bought her a gift, a cake. then when we were outside the mall, we all started talking where would we be riding - a jeep or a tricycle? haha. after all the debates, we ended up riding in only ONE tricycle with the EIGHT of us!!!! haha! can you just imagine how that looked like! oh, i forgot to tell you that we were all wearing corporate attire! meaning, we had our skirts and HEEEEELS! pucha! it was such a pain in the ass, man! jonas, roc and jotie were at the backride while niax, marfi, ago, yvonne and i were inside! that was the moment when i understood how sardines put in a very small can felt! we were the sardines! the experience was crazy as hell! haha! that's how much we were all willing to take when food is at stake! haha. people on the road and those who were in other jeepneys and tricycles were all looking at  us. maybe they were asking what the hell we were doing! haha! as manong driver have said, it was the first he experienced having eight passengers in his ride. well, it was our first time too! haha! 

ago, yvonne, marfi, and niax inside the tricycle! sobrang sikip na ang banas na nakakautas!  i took the picture at halang  when the traffic lights were on red. haha! (sorry sa blurred na shot!)

yan naman sina roc, jonas. si jotie matindi! akala mo misis lang ng driver at ang upo paharap na sa driver magkasya lang! haha! pati yung driver nilalandi ni paminta jot! hahahahaha!
the ending was we safely got to fionna's debut. haha! the ride was too unforgettable and unbelievable! haha! when we got to the party, we made sure that our crazy experience was compensated by the food! haha! we ate as much as we could! haha! fionna's party was cool and simple. haha.

after the party, renz and okie gave us (niax, yvonne, marfi, ago, jotie, and me) a ride to letran. haha! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

UKAY-UKAY fever!

UKAY-UKAY is never new to me. i've been hooked since high school. what makes ukay so special? it's the fact that you can get good items at very low prices. plus, most of them are signatured. the only thing is they are not brand new. well, that doesn't change the way i appreciate ukay. actually, i have already seen items that still have their tags attached which only proves that they are still unused. but i must say this, you won't appreciate ukay if you are not patient enough because you would really have to check all the clothes, bags, skirts, shoes one by one. you should have very keen eyes to see good buys. and there would also be times when you would have to have the items repaired and fixed to make them look good on you and fit for you. you'd even reach that point when your arms and hands would feel tired because you have been moving from one shirt to another! see, going to ukayans is never a piece of cake. but, it is always fun. what makes you even happier is when your friends would see you wearing this and that from ukay and when you tell them where you got those things, they would all be amused because they don't look like they are from ukay. HAHA. :)

before, i go to ukays only whenever i would feel like going. but now, it became more of a need for me to go there because i would have to look for the corporate attire. actually, my friends and i have been regularly checking out all ukayans in Crossing. there's this one ukayan where we are all fond of buying because they haveblouses and skirts there for "4 for 100" only. cheap, right? haha. 

the last time my friends and i went there (ago, yvonne, jusz), yvonne and i made fun of the weird-looking items. HAHAHA! here are those:

very mayora lang.

na-spot-an na ni yvonne to nung isang beses napunta namin pero sinukat niya ulit nong huli naming punta! haha.

more aura si yvonne. akala mo sasayaw ng ballroom. haha.
mukha daw pantulog. haha.
ginaw na ginaw ampota.

dancer na dancer lang ang damitan a.

anong say mo sa makintab at gigintuing jacket ni te.

kung makabukaka naman.

this is the best part of all!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

aside from the good and sulit buys, the fun makes every ukay experience unforgettable. haha.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is the first of the 10 in this series of James Patterson’s novels. I can say this one is way more exciting than Jack and Jill. 1st To Die shows girl power in fields that are most commonly dominated by males. HAHA! And just when I thought I had it all figured out, I guess I was wrong. Haha! I didn’t find out who the real killer was. I partially figured out though (just partially). The story was heavy and brutal but it was softened by the love story in it. When I started reading, I got so hooked. I did not stop until I get to the end. Can’t wait to read the next nine! I still have a long way to go. That’s all right. HAHA.

(imported from tumblr.)


i’d just like to say that this novel is “mind-boggling.” during the days i was reading it, i couldn’t sleep soundly simply because i keep on thinking and finding a way to know what’s gonna happen next. it only looked as though i won’t get to read his mind. up to the last pages, i was not able to count how many twists were incorporated with the story. that’s what makes him good. :)  alex cross and the two murder cases. one of great national interest and the other of no value (as to what the school killer thinks). one with pattern and the other without. the novel went on as to how cross unravels the motives behind the killings. there’s one thing i will never forget in this novel. it goes like this:


(imported from tumblr.)

late upload.

033011. and today is 071111. i know it's been exactly 103 days late for this upload. bear with me please. haha! 

this happened when our second semester for A.Y. 2010-2011 was almost over. a lot happened that sem. variety show, casfa, defense, etc.

it was something unplanned. i don't remember who but when someone said something like "why don't we eat here?," we were all like "ge, kayo. ano? tara!" haha! things really do happen when they're not planned at all. haha. ago, jusz, marfi and i ate at mang inasal.

we all somehow felt like it was time for us to treat and reward ourselves after all that we've been through. that's what's funny about us. we don't look for more. we're contented with what's in front of us. we don't go searching for something else. eating at mang inasal, even if it was just the four of us, was enough for as long as we're together

and not because we're matikal but because we're mautak, we decided that marfi and jusz would be the only ones who'd go for UNLI RICE. yes, we love rice! it's no surprise we find it hard to lose our bellies. we really are gluttons! it's something i'm proud of. haha! then, ago and i would just go after their plates when we ran out of rice. haha! and the star of that moment was our ordered SISIG! i love sisig! we all do except for jusz. haha! we wanted to know if mang inasal's sisig was good or not.

and since we were at mang inasal, eating with only our bare hands was not a sin. this made us enjoy our meals even more. we felt so free. it's as if we were only in our own homes eating happily with our family.

our hands were all dirty with rice, sisig, and chicken. haha.

ito yung part na pagalingna kami kung sinong may kaya na paghiwalayin into two yung mga daliri. haha!

well, we ended up not disappointed with what we got. their sisig was not bad at all. we all enjoyed the food, especially the unli rice. ibang kabusugan talaga yung naramdaman namin non. napapaliyad na lang kami lahat sa sobrang busog pagkatapos. the money we paid was all worth it. haha!

this was our table after the war, after we ate i mean. haha! parang na-tsunami  lang  e.  haha! 

i just noticed something right now. though this blog of mine is still new and only has few posts in it, most of my posts have something to do with food. i don't know. maybe it is just a proof that i'm really into food! who isn't? haha!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

anyhaw! :)

070911. after classes, i went straight home to change and left again for a dinner date with my friends. supposedly, it should be me, jusz, joson, che and alexa. but then, only joson, che, jusz with kevin showed up! alexa knows only pure trash talk! we're actually kinda used to her "drawingness" na. haha!

we were only five (including me who took the picture). haha.

joson and che. they are almost always present whenever we have get-togethers. haha!

we ate at bertito's anyhaw. the ambiance was good matched with great music from an acoustic band. haha. we were all but happy to see each other again. it's been two weeks already since the last time we got together, except for kevin whom i have not seen for quite a long time. i was surprised when i saw him because he gained weight. i didn't think he could be that chubby. it was great seeing him! haha! he is still that funny and balasubas. we still dononsense and useless talks. i always enjoy chatting, joking, and laughing with him. haha! i like him for jusz. haha!

justine's chubby kevin! haha! 

we ordered sisig, whole chicken, iced tea, and quirida. haha! the food wasn't bad but not so good too. so-so lang. haha! we were all makulit pa because every now and then, we would be calling the waiters for all or needs, big or small. for the calamansi, ball pen, wi-fi password, etc. haha!

sisig na natusta dahil pinainit pa ulit ni joson. haha!

chicken na kalmado lang. haha.

quirida, their alcoholic drink as they call it. di naman nakakalasing. parang pure juice lang. haha!

since it was justine's birthday last july 7, the waiters sang "the happy birthday song" for her. they also had candles for her. i'm sure she enjoyed it. haha.

joson was invited to sing in front with the band. they did so slow, the ever-sensual song. haha! she did great. and as she said, it was her first time to sing with a band. not bad for a first-timer. haha!

we requested for three songs. only one was played when we were still there but it's all right. actually, only one should be requested but we had three. we left before they can play our other requests. haha!

che was with us though archelle, her boyfriend, was already mad at her because he didn't want che to come. she still did. all for us. haha! she badly wanted to drink and go to a bar but because jusz had to go home already, we weren't able to do what she wanted. haha! she was so, so disappointed. i know and i understand her. two bad things at the same time were hitting her. archelle was mad at her 'cause she was still not home then she couldn't have the drink she was really craving for! haha!

all in all, it was still great spending the night with them. every moment with them was fun! :) hahaha! and for che, bawi na lang sa susunod. makukuha mo rin gusto mo. haha!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

slicin' 'n dicin'

070411. last monday after going to school, jusz, marfi, yvonne, and i went to the mall and ate. we were kinda confused at first. we didn't know where to eat. then, we ended up ordering at slice 'n dice. it was the first time for all of us except for joo. haha! and because yvonne wanted privacy (for what reason i don'tknow), we sat inside. haha! 

i took the picture. haha.

yvonne is all dangerous with her knives while fi is all pa-cute.

while we were eating, we were all laughing hard because of our jokes! funniest part was when yvonne took  the risks and regretted them! HAHAHA! she was not sure if the sisig of  slice 'n dice was good or not since it's our first time there. as a risk taker, she had sisig. when her order was served, she got disappointed 'cause she was not contented with it. the sisig wasn't that good.
yvonne's famous sisig. haha.

she was envious of us since our orders were better than hers.

jusz had garlic pork steak (i'm not sure, haha.)
fi and i had t-bone steak.

yvonne's other risks and sacrifices were when had unlimited rice, only had water while we had softdrinks. haha!

dinaan na lang ni yvonne sa toyo at calamansi ang lahat. and because we all love toyo and calamansi too, nakisawsaw kami! haha. i don't know many times we called the waiter to ask for more calamansi. we ended up having more than 10 calamansis. haha!

we ended up having more than 10 calamansis on our table.
after eating and just when we thought we'd be going home already, we bumped into this ate from dermcare. curious, we asked her about their offers for the betterment of our kili-kilis. haha! eventually, we were the ones interviewing her na about this and that. when i asked her if dermcare is good and trustworthy, she replied with pride that it has been in the industry for already 25 years! and we were all like "whoaw!" HAHA! we were convinced, and so a plan was made. august 9 it is. haha! now, we'll have to do crosscutting in preparation for our much awaited target. no more eat anytime and anywhere we want. no more gastos na dapat. haha!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


i don't know why i can't focus. i don't seem to be thinking seriously and correctly these days. it's like i have to do something important but i can't. no, not that i can't. i just don't wanna do it. my head is afloat. it's like my mind is wandering some place else. haha! am i just too happy that this is the effect? makes me wonder? haha! but whatever it maybe, i'm enjoying it.

Monday, July 4, 2011


big thanks to jonas. if not because of him, i won't have my account here! haha! EFF you, jonas. haha! :)


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