Thursday, July 7, 2011

slicin' 'n dicin'

070411. last monday after going to school, jusz, marfi, yvonne, and i went to the mall and ate. we were kinda confused at first. we didn't know where to eat. then, we ended up ordering at slice 'n dice. it was the first time for all of us except for joo. haha! and because yvonne wanted privacy (for what reason i don'tknow), we sat inside. haha! 

i took the picture. haha.

yvonne is all dangerous with her knives while fi is all pa-cute.

while we were eating, we were all laughing hard because of our jokes! funniest part was when yvonne took  the risks and regretted them! HAHAHA! she was not sure if the sisig of  slice 'n dice was good or not since it's our first time there. as a risk taker, she had sisig. when her order was served, she got disappointed 'cause she was not contented with it. the sisig wasn't that good.
yvonne's famous sisig. haha.

she was envious of us since our orders were better than hers.

jusz had garlic pork steak (i'm not sure, haha.)
fi and i had t-bone steak.

yvonne's other risks and sacrifices were when had unlimited rice, only had water while we had softdrinks. haha!

dinaan na lang ni yvonne sa toyo at calamansi ang lahat. and because we all love toyo and calamansi too, nakisawsaw kami! haha. i don't know many times we called the waiter to ask for more calamansi. we ended up having more than 10 calamansis. haha!

we ended up having more than 10 calamansis on our table.
after eating and just when we thought we'd be going home already, we bumped into this ate from dermcare. curious, we asked her about their offers for the betterment of our kili-kilis. haha! eventually, we were the ones interviewing her na about this and that. when i asked her if dermcare is good and trustworthy, she replied with pride that it has been in the industry for already 25 years! and we were all like "whoaw!" HAHA! we were convinced, and so a plan was made. august 9 it is. haha! now, we'll have to do crosscutting in preparation for our much awaited target. no more eat anytime and anywhere we want. no more gastos na dapat. haha!

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