Saturday, July 9, 2011

anyhaw! :)

070911. after classes, i went straight home to change and left again for a dinner date with my friends. supposedly, it should be me, jusz, joson, che and alexa. but then, only joson, che, jusz with kevin showed up! alexa knows only pure trash talk! we're actually kinda used to her "drawingness" na. haha!

we were only five (including me who took the picture). haha.

joson and che. they are almost always present whenever we have get-togethers. haha!

we ate at bertito's anyhaw. the ambiance was good matched with great music from an acoustic band. haha. we were all but happy to see each other again. it's been two weeks already since the last time we got together, except for kevin whom i have not seen for quite a long time. i was surprised when i saw him because he gained weight. i didn't think he could be that chubby. it was great seeing him! haha! he is still that funny and balasubas. we still dononsense and useless talks. i always enjoy chatting, joking, and laughing with him. haha! i like him for jusz. haha!

justine's chubby kevin! haha! 

we ordered sisig, whole chicken, iced tea, and quirida. haha! the food wasn't bad but not so good too. so-so lang. haha! we were all makulit pa because every now and then, we would be calling the waiters for all or needs, big or small. for the calamansi, ball pen, wi-fi password, etc. haha!

sisig na natusta dahil pinainit pa ulit ni joson. haha!

chicken na kalmado lang. haha.

quirida, their alcoholic drink as they call it. di naman nakakalasing. parang pure juice lang. haha!

since it was justine's birthday last july 7, the waiters sang "the happy birthday song" for her. they also had candles for her. i'm sure she enjoyed it. haha.

joson was invited to sing in front with the band. they did so slow, the ever-sensual song. haha! she did great. and as she said, it was her first time to sing with a band. not bad for a first-timer. haha!

we requested for three songs. only one was played when we were still there but it's all right. actually, only one should be requested but we had three. we left before they can play our other requests. haha!

che was with us though archelle, her boyfriend, was already mad at her because he didn't want che to come. she still did. all for us. haha! she badly wanted to drink and go to a bar but because jusz had to go home already, we weren't able to do what she wanted. haha! she was so, so disappointed. i know and i understand her. two bad things at the same time were hitting her. archelle was mad at her 'cause she was still not home then she couldn't have the drink she was really craving for! haha!

all in all, it was still great spending the night with them. every moment with them was fun! :) hahaha! and for che, bawi na lang sa susunod. makukuha mo rin gusto mo. haha!

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