Sunday, July 17, 2011


never thought it would be like that! hahaha! last night was fionna's debut! we were invited. so ago, marfi, yvonne, roc, jonas, paminta jot, niax, and i went there. we went to sm first and bought her a gift, a cake. then when we were outside the mall, we all started talking where would we be riding - a jeep or a tricycle? haha. after all the debates, we ended up riding in only ONE tricycle with the EIGHT of us!!!! haha! can you just imagine how that looked like! oh, i forgot to tell you that we were all wearing corporate attire! meaning, we had our skirts and HEEEEELS! pucha! it was such a pain in the ass, man! jonas, roc and jotie were at the backride while niax, marfi, ago, yvonne and i were inside! that was the moment when i understood how sardines put in a very small can felt! we were the sardines! the experience was crazy as hell! haha! that's how much we were all willing to take when food is at stake! haha. people on the road and those who were in other jeepneys and tricycles were all looking at  us. maybe they were asking what the hell we were doing! haha! as manong driver have said, it was the first he experienced having eight passengers in his ride. well, it was our first time too! haha! 

ago, yvonne, marfi, and niax inside the tricycle! sobrang sikip na ang banas na nakakautas!  i took the picture at halang  when the traffic lights were on red. haha! (sorry sa blurred na shot!)

yan naman sina roc, jonas. si jotie matindi! akala mo misis lang ng driver at ang upo paharap na sa driver magkasya lang! haha! pati yung driver nilalandi ni paminta jot! hahahahaha!
the ending was we safely got to fionna's debut. haha! the ride was too unforgettable and unbelievable! haha! when we got to the party, we made sure that our crazy experience was compensated by the food! haha! we ate as much as we could! haha! fionna's party was cool and simple. haha.

after the party, renz and okie gave us (niax, yvonne, marfi, ago, jotie, and me) a ride to letran. haha! 


  1. yeah man! i know... congratulations to us! hahaha!

  2. .'haha. it was crazy! can't get over.



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