Sunday, July 10, 2011

late upload.

033011. and today is 071111. i know it's been exactly 103 days late for this upload. bear with me please. haha! 

this happened when our second semester for A.Y. 2010-2011 was almost over. a lot happened that sem. variety show, casfa, defense, etc.

it was something unplanned. i don't remember who but when someone said something like "why don't we eat here?," we were all like "ge, kayo. ano? tara!" haha! things really do happen when they're not planned at all. haha. ago, jusz, marfi and i ate at mang inasal.

we all somehow felt like it was time for us to treat and reward ourselves after all that we've been through. that's what's funny about us. we don't look for more. we're contented with what's in front of us. we don't go searching for something else. eating at mang inasal, even if it was just the four of us, was enough for as long as we're together

and not because we're matikal but because we're mautak, we decided that marfi and jusz would be the only ones who'd go for UNLI RICE. yes, we love rice! it's no surprise we find it hard to lose our bellies. we really are gluttons! it's something i'm proud of. haha! then, ago and i would just go after their plates when we ran out of rice. haha! and the star of that moment was our ordered SISIG! i love sisig! we all do except for jusz. haha! we wanted to know if mang inasal's sisig was good or not.

and since we were at mang inasal, eating with only our bare hands was not a sin. this made us enjoy our meals even more. we felt so free. it's as if we were only in our own homes eating happily with our family.

our hands were all dirty with rice, sisig, and chicken. haha.

ito yung part na pagalingna kami kung sinong may kaya na paghiwalayin into two yung mga daliri. haha!

well, we ended up not disappointed with what we got. their sisig was not bad at all. we all enjoyed the food, especially the unli rice. ibang kabusugan talaga yung naramdaman namin non. napapaliyad na lang kami lahat sa sobrang busog pagkatapos. the money we paid was all worth it. haha!

this was our table after the war, after we ate i mean. haha! parang na-tsunami  lang  e.  haha! 

i just noticed something right now. though this blog of mine is still new and only has few posts in it, most of my posts have something to do with food. i don't know. maybe it is just a proof that i'm really into food! who isn't? haha!

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