Wednesday, July 20, 2011


earlier this afternoon, ago asked me to accompany her in the library 'coz she had to borrow a book. i gladly said yes to her. after finding what she was looking for, we sat to relax a bit before leaving. then, she took this pencil and said, "di na ata ako marunong mag-drawing e." all of a sudden she was sketching my face in a paper given to us by ms. gerby. what's cool about it is the fact that she was doing it while we were casually talking. it's as if she was just stroking that pencil here and there. then, VOILA! it was done! 

hayop si ago e. ultimo yung tikwas ng buhok ko detalyado. HAHA.

HAHA. what i like the most about it? i love how every detail perfectly resembled me. my wavy hair on the drawing is how it is in real life! ago is indeed one talented bitch. thanks, sugar. haha.

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