Friday, April 21, 2017

The Happy List: Random List #12

Long time no blogging!

I had been hating on myself for setting this blog aside since the turn of the new year, but you know, life’s life. You got to deal with it.

Life’s been pretty busy for me. I dealt with something personally important. I had been meaning to do something meaningful. An opportunity came. And knowing that the timing was perfect, I grabbed it right away. I wanted to be sure that I’d get it, so I put all my attention and time there. Everything eventually paid off! Now I’m one happy being again! Yipeeeteeee!
Here are some of the things that keep me cheery lately:

  1. Trying out something new – online teaching! Cutest job ever! It may not sound major to anyone else, but the thing is, change scares me and it took me a hell of nerves before I decided to do this.
  2. Fast and stable Internet connection. Never thought I would have this much appreciation for the Internet. Hahaha!
  3. My mini-makeshift work station. It’s a bit narrow, super messy and not yet finished, but I’m already liking the feel of it and being cramped inside it. J
  4. Reuniting with high school friends!
  5. More social time with workmates
  6. Nicole, my niece, graduating in elementary and Aly, my other niece, completing high school. Congratulations, you guys!!! I am so proud!
  7. My well-spent Holy Week vacation
  8. My annual Way of the Cross panata and the scenic route we followed
  9. Boodle fights with my family, the best kasalo ever
  10. Choosing to be the nicer, bigger person and actually feeling pure about it
  11. Helping someone become better at something
  12. Work balance? Still arguable but yeah hehehe
  13. Finding inspiration and encouragement in other people’s words



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