Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Weekend of Everything That Flies!

This experience would definitely work for an interesting story. J

My heart was almost crushed when I thought our Pampanga trip for the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta would be cancelled. L You see, this had been planned long ago and everything had been set until Friday came. Aside from the bitchy weather, there were also other un-cool reasons that I’d rather not talk about so as not to taint this happy post on my happy blog. HAHAHA!
I woke up to a very sunny Saturday, like it wasn’t raining cats and dogs the day before. Faith, Jusz and I felt sad, because we were supposed to watch that day. We were so dismayed. But after an exchange of text messages, we decided we’d go even if we had no idea how we’d get there and where we’d be staying and what’d happen. Talk about adventure! J
Then, we bumped into Rochelle at the mall and kidnapped her to go with us! Booyah! HAHA! 
Travel was surprisingly smooth and easy. We didn’t get lost or anything. Upon arrival, we looked for a place to stay in for the night. We checked into Bliss Hotel which provided us with a very nice room at a reasonable price. J
me, che, jusz, faith
There was no stopping us at this point. Come Sunday morning, we headed straight to the Clark Freeport Zone for the last day of the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Yay! Happy kids! J
the supposed 7-minute walk turned out to be a 30-minute one. pft!
The hot air balloons looked so vibrant and beautiful. They were like huge candies in yummy colors scattered in the sky. My eyes were feasting on them the whole time. Too bad the huge pink elephant wouldn’t go up. It was still cute, though. We had to stay ‘til 6PM to see them again, but they were absolutely worth the wait! J
taken at around 7AM, that's why they still looked gloomy.
One of the highlights of the 18th PIHABF was the Breitling Jet Team Aerobatic Exhibition!!! OMG! J They were truly amazing. Everybody’s jaw dropped when they did all those breathtaking aerial synchronizations and maneuvers. Spectacular. Just spectacular. I couldn’t take my eyes off them even if my eyes already hurt because of the sun’s brightness. Seriously, how could they be that awesome? J It reminded me a lot of Top Gun. I even pictured Tom Cruise as one of the pilots. HAHA. I felt like I was watching a movie that was just so badass. I could use as many adjectives as I want but those words wouldn’t equate to how incredible it really was. Only those who were there would understand. J Because of what they did, pilots now have a place in my heart! HAHAHA!
goosebump moment. :)
Just so you know, Breitling Jet Team is a civilian aerobatics team from France. One of the pilots even gave a thank you message over the radio while they were up in the air. Sweet! Kilig! HAHAHA!  
This was followed by a number of other aircraft displays. We’ve had more than enough of planes in one day. HAHA. Funny thing, it was a hot air balloon fest but we saw more planes and jets than balloons. Whatever, it was still fun. HAHAHA.
The only thing I hated about this day was the scorching heat of the sun. Hassle. It’s an open area so there wasn’t really any way we could escape the sun. Besides, we didn’t wanna leave our place ‘coz it was already a good spot for viewing. Looking at the bright side, at least it didn’t rain. I’d rather endure the hot weather than have a rainy and muddy day at the fest. Hell no.
the crowd + the sun's heat + the wind dust! so many people! 
There was also the kite flying demonstration accompanied with music. The first part had a three-kite demo, followed by a two-kite display, then a four-kite show. Man, they were really good. J How could those people possibly control and synchronize those kites like that?!  How come they didn’t get those strings tangled up or anything? HAHA! Cool balls. 

Then, Rochelle, who we just ambushed to join us in this trip, had the time of her life. J She was among those picked to experience car drifting. Ain’t that cool? HAHA! Our girl got even luckier ‘coz the driver she was with was a cutie! HAHA! Happy for her. She really was meant to be with us! J
there she is at the bottom right! :)
To cap off the fest, there was the Hot Air Balloon Night Glow. Beautiful. We were ooh-ing and aah-ing every time all the hot air balloons on display would light up simultaneously. They all looked better at night when lit up. What a view. What a great way to end the festival. Aaaah.
Plus, the fireworks! J I’m not sure if they intentionally timed the fireworks display with Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style, but it was really cute. J
Hooray for friends who are always game for anything!

It was definitely a fun experience. Something for the soul. J

Lesson of this trip: For as long as you want something, you can make it happen. Action and motivation bring forth fruition.

Carpe diem.

*Thanks to Faith for the photos! J

Monday, February 18, 2013


021813. Monday.

Just in case you haven’t heard it yet, WE WON! Damn right we nailed it!

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) placed 2nd in this year’s Cheerdance Competition. The College of Engineering (COE) still reigns as the champion, while the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM) went home as 1st runner-up.
Technically, they won. But I’m just so attached with this college that I still count myself in even if I had already graduated. I know, so clingy. Once a CAS student, always a CAS student. HAHAHA.
me, liez, jusz, jerome, moning, roc
kuya bogz, kuya ron, pammy alaga, yanyan, sarah, jerome, jusz, moning
This is just another congratulatory post for them. One among the many. They did great they deserve to know how amazing they were. J

What can I say, their performance was really something. It’s unexplainable how we, the audience, were able to feel their spirit oozing with confidence and passion. We had goosebumps not just once, but every time they perfected a stunt. One could actually see in their performance how badly they wanted to win.  I guess that was what truly brought them to victory - their strong desire to bring home the bacon. J
Frankly speaking, the trainers, the alumni and other third party people weren't really sure whether or not they’d make it. Not because they thought the kids were incapable, but maybe because they could feel that the kids still lack the drive to give their all. Also, all the other colleges were just as intense and competitive! Super! So to boost their energy, everyone who loves CAS decided to give them the push they needed. There was this overflowing support in different ways – money, presence, prayers.
So come Feb. 15, they all did what they had to do. They owned their performance! Yeehaaa! There were very few flaws. There weren't any stunt failures. They didn’t have poker faces. Their execution wasn’t lame. It was something to be proud of, truly. If you actually saw how they were during practice, the effect on you would be even greater. Those who helped during the training cried buckets of tears while watching because they knew all their efforts weren’t put to waste. To the CAS Pep members, it was a glorious moment. None of it would be possible without them. It was the members who have redeemed their place in the competition. Now that we once again claimed our spot, the only thing left to do is to never lose it again. J
Congratulations, CAS Pep!
Why are we doing this?


*thanks to Moning and Jejet for the photos!
*thanks to Eca for the vid

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb Fair 2013

021713. Sunday.


As an annual tradition, I went to this year's UP Feb Fair at Los Baños. J I always attend this event, first, because sometimes cool bands visit, and second, because I love swimming in the mixed youthful hype of the students and outsiders. The atmosphere's so alive until the wee hours!

Here are a few not-so-helpful photos. HAHA!

The guest for the night was Silent Sanctuary, a band which I am not an avid fan of. But better Silent Sanctuary than nothing, right? I heard Pedicab was also there. We didn't get to watch 'em though, because we left early to eat. Wrong move. HAHA!
this is me in my "don't take a photo of me" pose! hahaha! 
That Friday night, Feb. 15, I was with Julie Ann, Joson, Nard, and Alexa. J Then, there was Ringo! He was a classmate in HS. Daaaamn, he gained weight! And daaaamn, he was so high that night! HAHAHA! The words coming out of his mouth, ugh! HAHAHA!

We had "dinner" at 3AM. LB Square's Yakitori ain't bad if you had very few to choose from. J There was also an ice cream treat from Joson. Thank you! J

Monday, February 11, 2013

CAS Week 2013!

021013. Sunday.

Oh, boy.

Last Thursday and Friday, I was at Lyceum of the Philippines University – Laguna to participate in the celebration of CAS Week 2013. Know what that meant? Two days of absolute fun and insane energy! Hells yeah! J

Friday was the schedule for the Variety Shoooooooow: CAS Rocks. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what happened that night.J
Saturday’s been saved for CASFA and Mr. and Ms. Lyceum. Salve Regina of AB Comm 3-1 bagged almost all the awards in the film fest. I’ve seen it and it was really good. I also enjoyed Paano Kung Baligtad Ang Mundo of MMA students. J As with the pageant, Wagan and Podolig were crowned Mr. and Ms. CAS 2013. Gujab, Patricia and Raemon! The ones we were rooting for were Mark, who placed 1st runner-up, and Karla, who placed 2nd runner-up. Not baddd! J
Mark Bayaga killing it on the stage! 
Mark's and Karla's costumes had been the joint efforts of Jerome and our other classmates. :)
What made those two days extra special and wild was the presence of some of the alumni – Jerome, Jonas, Kreng, Vyna, Paul, Jamie, Moning, Camille, Ago, Sarah, Kuya Jaypee, Kuya Ron, Kuya Bogz, Ate Crissa, Ate Dawn, Ate Xta, Kuya Wilzon, Ate CJ, Ate Arvie, Ate Kim, and Aldous(). J We super duper missed each other. J You can only imagine our loudness when we were reunited. It was a RIOOOOT! The noise the alumni alone made could’ve overshadowed that of the rest of the crowd’s. Maybe it was the excitement we kept for so long. HAHAHA!
Batch 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012! :)

Allow me to be a bit sentimental in this post. I just really missed school and all the wildness wrapped around it. It’s crazy how time flies faster than the speed of sound in this world of ours. I remember last year's CAS Week like it was just last month. I attended CAS Week last year as a student, but yesterday I was there as an alumna. An alumna! Can you believe it? It still hasn't completely sunk into me. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. It’s hard yannow. HAHA.
Before I forget, CONGRATULATIONS to CAS! My shout out goes especially to those who poured so much time and sweat into making CAS Week 2013 a success – the council, the committee. Also to the winners. J Good job you guys. All your efforts have now paid off. Ain’t it sweet? The fruit of your hard work? J Your ate’s and kuya’s are proud of you, and we’ll always be here to support and help you.

But hey, the fun ain’t over until I tell you about my crushes. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Kdot.

Aldous, my crush since 1st year college, was there! Oh, boy. The love was rekindled. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kdie.
just ignore my messy hair. hahaha! 
And then,
there was GIO. ♥♥♥
Boy, oh, boy!
you know it's love when.......(LOLOLOLOL! no judging! )
I guess there’s no arguing whether I enjoyed CAS Week this year or not. Don’t hate me. Leave me be. HAHA.

*thanks to Pammy alaga and Jerome for the photos!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


082312. thursday.

this is the first book of Dan Brown that i read. i must say it ain’t that bad at all! i’ve always liked Dan Brown even when i’ve only seen the film adaptations of his novels The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. oh, how i love mysteries and thrillers! HAHA!

doing what he does best, Digital Fortress is another brainchild of Dan Brown. this is one of those “solve the case, unravel the mystery” stories, only that it is a novel set in the modern day’s cyber world crisis.
the characters in the Digital Fortress are all driven by motives. National Security Agency (NSA) is in grave danger of losing the essence of its existence because Ensei Tankado made the Digital Fortress. Trevor Strathmore, also with his own motives, involved David Becker and Susan Fletcher separately to let things be done according to his plan, which would later turn out to be not as seamless as he thought it was. it seemed like they were all fooled by Ensei Tankado’s plan. they’re back to zero, back to nothing. in the end, Susan and David, together with the other NSA people, figured out they were all wrong and solved the puzzle in the nick of time.

the very last pages about cracking the pass-key with just a matter of minutes left, while they see how their system is quickly losing its guard with the swarming worm, is where the peak of excitement is! HAHA!

what’s good about this novel is the reality that it is a thriller yet it is very easy to read, exciting and simple at the same time.  usually (depending everything on my experience. HAHA.), books like this give the readers headache because they are just so complicated and mind-boggling. thank heavens, this is an exemption. HAHA. however,  i also realized that it is because of its being an easy read that it’s not something very remarkable, not something that will leave you breathless and curious. this is not Dan Brown’s best, but this ain’t his worst also, i think.

Digital Fortress is what you can have if you just wanna read a relaxing yet not a "no brainer" kind of book. it keeps things cool, but doesn’t give nothing away. when you just wanna kill time, here’s something you can have with you.

looking forward to reading the other Dan Brown books. :)

perhaps Deception Point? The Lost Symbol maybe? which is better? HAHA.



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