Monday, February 11, 2013

CAS Week 2013!

021013. Sunday.

Oh, boy.

Last Thursday and Friday, I was at Lyceum of the Philippines University – Laguna to participate in the celebration of CAS Week 2013. Know what that meant? Two days of absolute fun and insane energy! Hells yeah! J

Friday was the schedule for the Variety Shoooooooow: CAS Rocks. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what happened that night.J
Saturday’s been saved for CASFA and Mr. and Ms. Lyceum. Salve Regina of AB Comm 3-1 bagged almost all the awards in the film fest. I’ve seen it and it was really good. I also enjoyed Paano Kung Baligtad Ang Mundo of MMA students. J As with the pageant, Wagan and Podolig were crowned Mr. and Ms. CAS 2013. Gujab, Patricia and Raemon! The ones we were rooting for were Mark, who placed 1st runner-up, and Karla, who placed 2nd runner-up. Not baddd! J
Mark Bayaga killing it on the stage! 
Mark's and Karla's costumes had been the joint efforts of Jerome and our other classmates. :)
What made those two days extra special and wild was the presence of some of the alumni – Jerome, Jonas, Kreng, Vyna, Paul, Jamie, Moning, Camille, Ago, Sarah, Kuya Jaypee, Kuya Ron, Kuya Bogz, Ate Crissa, Ate Dawn, Ate Xta, Kuya Wilzon, Ate CJ, Ate Arvie, Ate Kim, and Aldous(). J We super duper missed each other. J You can only imagine our loudness when we were reunited. It was a RIOOOOT! The noise the alumni alone made could’ve overshadowed that of the rest of the crowd’s. Maybe it was the excitement we kept for so long. HAHAHA!
Batch 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012! :)

Allow me to be a bit sentimental in this post. I just really missed school and all the wildness wrapped around it. It’s crazy how time flies faster than the speed of sound in this world of ours. I remember last year's CAS Week like it was just last month. I attended CAS Week last year as a student, but yesterday I was there as an alumna. An alumna! Can you believe it? It still hasn't completely sunk into me. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. It’s hard yannow. HAHA.
Before I forget, CONGRATULATIONS to CAS! My shout out goes especially to those who poured so much time and sweat into making CAS Week 2013 a success – the council, the committee. Also to the winners. J Good job you guys. All your efforts have now paid off. Ain’t it sweet? The fruit of your hard work? J Your ate’s and kuya’s are proud of you, and we’ll always be here to support and help you.

But hey, the fun ain’t over until I tell you about my crushes. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Kdot.

Aldous, my crush since 1st year college, was there! Oh, boy. The love was rekindled. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kdie.
just ignore my messy hair. hahaha! 
And then,
there was GIO. ♥♥♥
Boy, oh, boy!
you know it's love when.......(LOLOLOLOL! no judging! )
I guess there’s no arguing whether I enjoyed CAS Week this year or not. Don’t hate me. Leave me be. HAHA.

*thanks to Pammy alaga and Jerome for the photos!

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