Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb Fair 2013

021713. Sunday.


As an annual tradition, I went to this year's UP Feb Fair at Los Baños. J I always attend this event, first, because sometimes cool bands visit, and second, because I love swimming in the mixed youthful hype of the students and outsiders. The atmosphere's so alive until the wee hours!

Here are a few not-so-helpful photos. HAHA!

The guest for the night was Silent Sanctuary, a band which I am not an avid fan of. But better Silent Sanctuary than nothing, right? I heard Pedicab was also there. We didn't get to watch 'em though, because we left early to eat. Wrong move. HAHA!
this is me in my "don't take a photo of me" pose! hahaha! 
That Friday night, Feb. 15, I was with Julie Ann, Joson, Nard, and Alexa. J Then, there was Ringo! He was a classmate in HS. Daaaamn, he gained weight! And daaaamn, he was so high that night! HAHAHA! The words coming out of his mouth, ugh! HAHAHA!

We had "dinner" at 3AM. LB Square's Yakitori ain't bad if you had very few to choose from. J There was also an ice cream treat from Joson. Thank you! J

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