Sunday, February 3, 2013


082312. thursday.

this is the first book of Dan Brown that i read. i must say it ain’t that bad at all! i’ve always liked Dan Brown even when i’ve only seen the film adaptations of his novels The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. oh, how i love mysteries and thrillers! HAHA!

doing what he does best, Digital Fortress is another brainchild of Dan Brown. this is one of those “solve the case, unravel the mystery” stories, only that it is a novel set in the modern day’s cyber world crisis.
the characters in the Digital Fortress are all driven by motives. National Security Agency (NSA) is in grave danger of losing the essence of its existence because Ensei Tankado made the Digital Fortress. Trevor Strathmore, also with his own motives, involved David Becker and Susan Fletcher separately to let things be done according to his plan, which would later turn out to be not as seamless as he thought it was. it seemed like they were all fooled by Ensei Tankado’s plan. they’re back to zero, back to nothing. in the end, Susan and David, together with the other NSA people, figured out they were all wrong and solved the puzzle in the nick of time.

the very last pages about cracking the pass-key with just a matter of minutes left, while they see how their system is quickly losing its guard with the swarming worm, is where the peak of excitement is! HAHA!

what’s good about this novel is the reality that it is a thriller yet it is very easy to read, exciting and simple at the same time.  usually (depending everything on my experience. HAHA.), books like this give the readers headache because they are just so complicated and mind-boggling. thank heavens, this is an exemption. HAHA. however,  i also realized that it is because of its being an easy read that it’s not something very remarkable, not something that will leave you breathless and curious. this is not Dan Brown’s best, but this ain’t his worst also, i think.

Digital Fortress is what you can have if you just wanna read a relaxing yet not a "no brainer" kind of book. it keeps things cool, but doesn’t give nothing away. when you just wanna kill time, here’s something you can have with you.

looking forward to reading the other Dan Brown books. :)

perhaps Deception Point? The Lost Symbol maybe? which is better? HAHA.


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