Monday, July 22, 2013

Ain’t No Party Like Abakom Party!

July, oh, July! You make me wanna sing in joy!

We are almost done with July, but I hope it’s not yet too late for a birthday celebration. Woot-woot!J
Family picture! :)
Being the most thoughtful people I know, my Abakom friends decided to throw a simple birthday party for this month’s celebrators. Yoohoo! Happiness! *does cartwheel* *does somersault* Hahaha!
Too bad Yvonne was only  virtually present! Haha! Show up next time!
The birthday bash was originally themed Kiddie Party (imagine party hats, McDo meals, candies, games), a fitting theme since we’d always be kids at heart. But as the red décors were set, it kind of also exuded that Chinese New Year feel. Add to that the red attire of many. Haha! Hence, it jokingly became Kiddie x Chinese New Year Birthday Party. Haha!
In this collage, I was hoping the mallows & cupcakes would take away the attention from the curtain plastered with a collection of the most humiliating and hilarious throwback photos of us celebrators! Haha!
Food was overflowing, and we were so full. But even when our tummies were already saying no, our hands seemed to have a mind of their own. They kept on picking chips or fries or mallows here and there like they were being magnetized. As self-confessed gluttons, we couldn’t believe ourselves when we could not empty the table filled with food. Haha! Apparently, though most of the snacks were light in the tum-tum, they felt heavy when eaten side by side. The good part was we got to take home some as giveaway.J

My friends are such a delightful sight to look at. Sometimes, instead of participating, I like to just sit in a corner and watch them cheerfully reminisce college days and make fun of each other. Priceless! At times, it also makes me wonder if I’m cool enough to be part of this amazing family. Dope! Hahahahaha!
We were all showing our competitive side during the game. All for the Crispy Chicken Burger prize! Haha!
A bold but true statement: I am the luckiest person to have these awesome people as my friends, and I will never ever get tired of telling that to the world. They know how to turn just about anything and everything into something really fun and extraordinary.J *winks*

More photos ahead. Sorry for photoblasting. Haha!
Faces smudged with chocolate syrup, Puring being her undin self with the red decor and everyone generally just being crazy. Haha! 
I want to give a special shoutout to the artsy hands and minds of Jerome, Kreng and Ago for organizing the party. You rock! Big thanks also to the Satera folks for letting us crash into their home. Of course, I will not forget to thank Aileen, Moning, Juwie, Vyna, Liez, and Ate Girl for celebrating with us. Friends for keeps! J

To Jusz, Jonas, Paul, and Yvonne, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!
The photo at the bottom is really embarrassing but what tje hell. Haha!
Two of my most favorite things under one roof – friends and food. What more could I ask for? It was a happy day for everyone indeed.

Can July get any better than this?J



*Thanks to Moning, Jerome, Vyna, and Paul for the photos! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jusz & some life lessons

As one of the few friends with whom I share a common interest of finding joy in the blogosphere, Justine, I bet, would be delighted to receive a dedicatory blognote on her big day, so I wrote her one. This would also be a good a thank you gift since she did something similar for me on my birthday.

While thinking of things to write about, I came across thoughts of how, over the years, we’ve had our teeny-tiny differences; yet, we still managed to be bigger persons and get past them. In this regard, let me share some precious things she taught me. (Your nightly fix of telenovela drama is here. Ready your hankies, fellas. LOL!)
  • First impressions DON’T last. Nope.

Jusz and I go way, way back. We started out as classmates in first year high school. The first time I saw her I was quite sure we were never gonna get along well. Cranky, snobbish and maarte – those were the initial impression. I thought I often saw her roll her eyes on anyone she didn’t like, and I thought I was one of them. The bitch and the nerve. Hahaha! Kidding! In short, I didn’t like her. Well, it was more of I didn’t know and care much about her; she didn’t know and care much about me, so we just left things at that and went about our daily lives. We weren’t off to a good start, were we? Haha!

I was wrong, though. While I was right with the maarte part (haha! more on that in a while), the rest was a mistake. Later on, I’d learn that she actually has a good heart. She can be objective about things. She can be fun without going out of line. She can be really supportive of her friends’ endeavors (even when they can be ridiculous). What she really is is a nice, considerate and caring friend. Above all, she is a smart girl. (Ayan, bumawi na ako. Haha!)
  • Being girly-girly can be goodie-goodie.

If you ask Justine’s friends to describe her, kikay or maarte is most likely the first thing that will come to their mind. Jusz is not Jusz without the curly hair, polished nails, blushing cheeks, and glossy lips. If it’s cute or girly, she’ll love it.

I used to misinterpret her being girly as an off-putting trait. I was in the habit of acting boyish before, so I thought her vanity was way over the top. I also guessed it was that notion that put up a wall between us to begin with. But as I softened to ladyhood (good for me. mwaha!), I came to realize that being girly could actually be a nice thing. She was just doing what a girl who cares about herself should do. And knowing her now, her kikay-ness would never be something that could border to slutty, always just the right mix of pretty and decent.

The good part was, as I began seeing being kikay as something positive, I used her as one of my motivations. I took a leap of faith and tried it out for myself. One thing led to another. And before I knew it, I already had daisy dukes and skirts as my closet staples. As it turned out, I could actually even be girlier than her. Haha! In my defense, I was just trying to make up for lost time and trends when I was still the old boyish me. Haha!

The point is, she helped me see and explore a side of me I didn’t know exists, so thanks, Joo.J
  • Your enemy today can be your friend tomorrow. (Enemy’s too strong a word, but it sounds catchy that way so let it be. Haha!)

As I already mentioned, my first impression of Jusz wasn’t generally pleasant; thus, it could easily be expected that we did not become super friends in HS. We were classmates; we had a lot of common friends, and that was that.

Come college, we took up the same course in the same school. Why hello there, playful destiny. Haha! Once again, we were stuck with each other.
In between those four years, the time we spent together showed that we could get along well, and that, in fact, we could even be great friends. Time proved it well.J

Now we are always on the same wavelength finishing each other’s sentences, digging rather silly jokes, loving jibberjabbers, exchanging meaningful and evil glances (haha!), and bullying the same friends and strangers. (Now that’s one awesome friendship right there. Haha!) In most of the most fun experiences I’ve had since, she’s been there with me. I feel like get-togethers are not complete without her anymore. Of all my friends, it’s her whom I have spent the most time with. That much isn’t surprising as she is the common denominator which links both my HS and my college best buds, which also makes her special.

It’s crazy how funny life can be, huh. Seven years ago, I never would’ve thought we’d be this close. I never would’ve imagined myself entrusting my feelings and secrets with her. I’m glad we’ve gone this far. *wipes tears* Hahaha!

Thank you for the friendship! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Virtual Gratuity

Birthdays are almost perfect  if only my age could stop and forever stay at 22. Haha! Silly wish.

As you may have already guessed, this post still has something to do with my birthday yesterday. Nope, I am not yet over it. Haha!

It was pretty special because I received two unique gifts, and I so wanted to share them here because I believe they are blog-worthy. And hey, this is a good way of showing my gratitude.

Jusz and Jerome took the time to write birthday blognotes for me. I had also written posts like these as gifts for some dear friends before, so I kind of felt animated to be on the receiving end this time. The result? It was surprising and touching (I was almost in tears). Hahaha!

Nona Reyes 101
Read the whole post on her site, Shuffled Wavelengths.

First is Justine’s gift, which is a "-101” type of post. Cute! Hers is a light and funny take on my idiosyncrasies. My favorite points are the “Mrs. ________” (It’s like I’m everybody’s missus. The poor guys don’t even know they’re already married to me.) and “Late comer” (See, I have my reasons for being late all the time. It’s fun you know.) Hahaha! It has only taken her a few years to know every nook and cranny of my persona. There's nothing I can hide from her anymore. Haha!
Read the whole post on his site, Jargoned Reality.

Second is Jerome’s surprisingly more serious post. Knowing Je, it is easier for me to expect something ultimately hilarious from him, but then what he has posted is something utterly heartfelt. I am really moved to know that he thinks highly and nicely of me. It's always gleeful moments with us, no drama, so to read something this sincere is unquestionably amusing.

On a serious note, I had an epiphany after reading these posts. I realized that my friends see me differently from the way I see myself. Oh, there’s a big difference. I mean, sure, we’re on the same page about other things, but there are also stuff I thought I already understand about myself. How they see me I can’t be too sure, but I can tell it’s something way better. I’m glad I read these things. It’s like having a fresh perspective again. The things they have written make me feel so good about myself and the things happening around me. Aaah, I love my life and the people in it! 

To end this post, I just wanna say thank you to Jusz and Jerome for their effort in writing something so funny yet sweet. How do you manage to do that, guys? I really, really appreciate it! XOXO

Let my every birthday be this great!

Monday, July 1, 2013


From last year’s cute cupcakes to this year’s fancy choco mousse, Faith and Joson’s gifts always give me such sweet delight. So thoughtful. What a surprise!
They, though weird and crazy, are two amazing friends who never fail to make me smile on my big day. I am so glad to have welcomed my 22nd birthday with them. Happy kid here!

Bru and Joson, I love you and your quirks. You two light up our home with your every visit. Hangouts like this may look just like any ordinary visit, but they sure mean so much to me. THANK YOU! (Thank you also to Bernard/Fern. Ayeee!)
It’s also worth mentioning that today is the 3rd birthday of my blog. Celebrate! I myself am also surprised to learn that I started this hobby on the same day of my birthday last, last, last year. Cool beans! Happy birthday, Utopian Dream Afterthoughts. Cheers!

A happy, happy 21st birthday also to Jonas, the guy who encouraged me to sign up here in the first place! Have a blast, Utoy!

*thanks to Faith for the photos!


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