Monday, July 22, 2013

Ain’t No Party Like Abakom Party!

July, oh, July! You make me wanna sing in joy!

We are almost done with July, but I hope it’s not yet too late for a birthday celebration. Woot-woot!J
Family picture! :)
Being the most thoughtful people I know, my Abakom friends decided to throw a simple birthday party for this month’s celebrators. Yoohoo! Happiness! *does cartwheel* *does somersault* Hahaha!
Too bad Yvonne was only  virtually present! Haha! Show up next time!
The birthday bash was originally themed Kiddie Party (imagine party hats, McDo meals, candies, games), a fitting theme since we’d always be kids at heart. But as the red décors were set, it kind of also exuded that Chinese New Year feel. Add to that the red attire of many. Haha! Hence, it jokingly became Kiddie x Chinese New Year Birthday Party. Haha!
In this collage, I was hoping the mallows & cupcakes would take away the attention from the curtain plastered with a collection of the most humiliating and hilarious throwback photos of us celebrators! Haha!
Food was overflowing, and we were so full. But even when our tummies were already saying no, our hands seemed to have a mind of their own. They kept on picking chips or fries or mallows here and there like they were being magnetized. As self-confessed gluttons, we couldn’t believe ourselves when we could not empty the table filled with food. Haha! Apparently, though most of the snacks were light in the tum-tum, they felt heavy when eaten side by side. The good part was we got to take home some as giveaway.J

My friends are such a delightful sight to look at. Sometimes, instead of participating, I like to just sit in a corner and watch them cheerfully reminisce college days and make fun of each other. Priceless! At times, it also makes me wonder if I’m cool enough to be part of this amazing family. Dope! Hahahahaha!
We were all showing our competitive side during the game. All for the Crispy Chicken Burger prize! Haha!
A bold but true statement: I am the luckiest person to have these awesome people as my friends, and I will never ever get tired of telling that to the world. They know how to turn just about anything and everything into something really fun and extraordinary.J *winks*

More photos ahead. Sorry for photoblasting. Haha!
Faces smudged with chocolate syrup, Puring being her undin self with the red decor and everyone generally just being crazy. Haha! 
I want to give a special shoutout to the artsy hands and minds of Jerome, Kreng and Ago for organizing the party. You rock! Big thanks also to the Satera folks for letting us crash into their home. Of course, I will not forget to thank Aileen, Moning, Juwie, Vyna, Liez, and Ate Girl for celebrating with us. Friends for keeps! J

To Jusz, Jonas, Paul, and Yvonne, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!
The photo at the bottom is really embarrassing but what tje hell. Haha!
Two of my most favorite things under one roof – friends and food. What more could I ask for? It was a happy day for everyone indeed.

Can July get any better than this?J



*Thanks to Moning, Jerome, Vyna, and Paul for the photos! 

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