Saturday, January 28, 2012

from ITALY with ♥

i am madly in love with ITALY. it's just the sweetest place on earth! haha! i don't know. everything about it is just soo amazing - food, culture, art, history, people. i badly wanna be there - not to work or anything else, but to just take a break from all the hassle. you know, soul-searching. this will make more sense in the years to come. i promise myself i won't stop until i get there. haha.

i already listed a lot for my itinerary. like A LOT! HAHA!

i am so into italian cuisine. i enjoy them too much. pizza and pasta! :)

i won't miss the chance to have a taste of the best pizzas from the best pizza restaurants in italy. though i have not been there yet, i've seen and read articles that tell of these two to have very delicious pizzas. o my! i'm dying for their pizzas! haha! pizzeria da michele and ii pizzaiolo del presidente are both in naples. pizzeria da michele is the one featured in the novel and movie "eat pray love." after reading and watching it, i was even more inspired to go to italy. how liz gilbert described pizza there only made me feel my need to taste it too. yes, we have pizza restaurants here but it's always different when it's from italy. they say that what makes pizzas there special is the way italians cook and bake 'em. they do it the traditional way. hay. sad 'coz it seems like i have to wait longer before i can taste one. anyways, i will still try my hardest to achieve this in the soonest possible time. hahaha!

there's where liz gilbert actually ate and studied italian with giovanni. haha! eat pray love influenced me too much that i have become this obsessed. haha. it's all right though. haha. it doesn't necessarily have to be in antica pesa where i'll be eating pasta once i get in italy. it can be in any restaurant for as long as it has the best pastas in italy. haha. i love carbonara, white-sauced pastas! they taste like heaven to me. haha! they have this unique appeal to my taste buds i swear!


they say it is one of the most romantic places in the world. as for me, i don't have to be with someone to experience the beauty and sweetness of venice. just to be there is already a dream come ture. and to be with someone will just be a bonus. haha. 

it's the grand canal that i'm looking forward there. i wanna ride on a vaporetto (as italians call it) or boat and sail as i look and appreciate the dazzling structures that surround grand canal. i think it is better to do it at night where all the lights are lit. what else would be more romantic?
i wanna sail in venice while passing through rialto bridge.

verona was not originally part of the places i wanna visit once i get to italy. but after watching letters to juliet, i got interested in Juliet's House. this is where the "secretaries of juliet" (as they call themselves) work. women from all around the world get there and write to juliet their letters about love. in return, the "secretaries" will write back to the women as juliet. as we all know, verona was the place for the love story of shakespeare's romeo and juliet. haha. these secretaries of juliet are so sweet and kind to give help to those women who seek for advice. i believe that this place is a must-visit for all the ladies out there, especially those who have love concerns. haha. though i may not need any advice from juliet, i still want to see the place and witness what miracle it brings to people. this only proves what kind of people live in italy.

of course i don't wanna miss seeing that famous leaning tower. i believe that is what makes the tower extra special among other famous towers. haha! my trip in italy will be incomplete if i won't visit this tower. haha. 


saw this first in the movie "gladiator" with russell crowe. this place is soo cool. people before used to go there and watch fights between gladiators! oh, i love the action - the animal fights and the chariot races! haha! it's like if i was alive during that time, i'd be hyper as hell to watch who'd win just like how i feel whenever i watch pacquiao fights. haha! this colosseum is soo big that it can hold thousands and thousands of viewers. whenever i see it in pictures, it reminds me of gladiators and how alive the colosseum used to be back then with all the people roaring and shouting. i wanna be there too. just to be there even when there are no more gladiator fights is enough. i'll just let my imagination do its job. haha.

i love the structure too. haha! though a part of its wall (if its really a wall?) was already ruined, it didn't made the colosseum any less beautiful. that's my opinion. haha. for me, the colosseum is one symbol of strength and stability of rome before and even up to this day. i see it as a proof of great power that rome once had. haha.

i first saw this one in the movie "when in rome." haha. this fountain has figures of roman gods. i don't know the story of this trevi fountain but i like it. i wanna be there too. they say that those who throw a coin in the fountain will be going back to rome again someday. haha. i won't forget to throw a coin so that i can be sure to come back. haha!


i bet my trip to italy won't be complete if i won't visit the vatican. o gosh! i wanna visit and pray at st. peter's basilica! i want to experience how it feels like to be in one of the holiest places in the world. i know this won't make sense to some, but to be there is like taking one step closer to the ONE above. i want to attend masses there, say my prayers along with the other devotees, experience the magic and miracle of the place, and get enlightenment from the strong spirit of religiosity in st. peter's basilica.;_ylt=A2KJke1QAXpO3w4Af.SJzbkF;_yl;_ylt=A2KJke1QAXpO3w4AjuSJzbkF;_yl
alongside visiting the church is the chance to see and be at the huge st. peter's square. i wanna see and even appreciate the great architecture of the square. it's like everywhere you look there's a form of great art, may it be a sculpture, a painting, or a structure. everything about it is to be loved. haha. i don't have to be good in art to appreciate and know how beautiful artworks in this place are. i wanna see michelangelo's ever-famous painting "the creation of adam" at the sistine chapel. very lovely! haha.;_ylt=A2KJkK2Ad4lOvjQAgHSJzbkF;_ylu=;_ylt=A2KJkIZ8AnpOlRwA05yJzbkF;_ylu=X3
OH MY! i'm getting insane just thinking of what's gonna happen when i'm already in italy. what else would be more exciting and fulfilling? haha. 

to travel is to believe; to travel is to live.

hay. let this dream trip be my motivation to strive harder and hardest. hehe. for now, let me work my way to getting to you.

i'll see you soon, italy! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

CAS Week 2012

011812. wednesday.

january 18-20, 2012!

this will be the last time i'd attend the college week as a student. o man, i hate the thought of it. just to know that it's the last makes me feel bad. can't help but feel depressed somehow. this is the reason why i really don't wanna miss this event. i even begged tita car and joy to let me be on leave for three days. tough times. i thank god they allowed me. i couldn't afford not to attend all the events. i have waited for this with so much anticipation. 

CAS Week Day 1

i went to school at around 12 noon (pretty late. haha.) i missed ricky lee's talk. i wasn't able to get up early. my body felt so heavy. damn,i shouldn't have missed that. well at least i got my book signed by him.

there was no more event when i arrived, so we just watched the rehearsal of the candidates of the pageant. we gave our all out support to them even during the practice only. we were joking as if we were still in our ojt as roc and i assisted the candidates. you know, those little tasks you do as an intern. HAHA! little things, too much joy! haha.

then we went to the AVR to watch another rehearsal, this time by the 3rd year students who'll do una madre besa again. they did a great job during their first show so they deserve to be watched once more. haha.

by 6 p.m., we attended the premiere night of the entries for CASFA. there were films from other schools too. this was another funny part. there were no professors so we were all able to act according to what we want. no one's watching us. haha. aside from us, there were also the other students from CAS. i don't know most of them, neither do they know us which is a bad thing 'coz our college is known for having a tight bond and for knowing every single student under our department. since we are beginning to get bigger, it becomes harder for us to know each other. drawback of having a bigger family. we'll get over this soon. i'm sure. we'll find ways. HAHA. what we did during the whole film viewing was just to laugh at whatever was funny! as in! we were making noises, we were joking. haha. the things you won't exchange for anything in this world. honestly, i did not understand any film aside from our own entry, maybe because i was not really focused with what we were watching. i was too busy laughing and making fun of whatever. haha!

before heading home, we stayed and chatted for a while at commlab. 

CAS Week Day 2

this day was a blast. CAS SUPERSTAR and CAS ROCKS VARIETY SHOW. fun is the one word to explain all that happened on this day. i didn't have any involvement in any of the events. i was just a part of the audience the whole time. most of my classmates were present. we all watched. it's the least we could do to show our support. 
while watching the variety show. haha!
kreng was the representative of our class. she didn't make it in the CAS superstar but it's alright 'coz she did a great job and it seemed she enjoyed her performance. it was her first time to join such a contest and i must say she was good for a first-timer (as if i'm good in singing. who am i to judge her? haha!). haha. she was even able to make a trademark move while she was singing. "TRAVEL the world" haha!

the variety show was a success. i wanna congratulate those who organized and participated in the event. each section had its representatives. it's nice to see them all having fun. being part of the audience gave us the chance to just enjoy singing and dancing with all the performers. no worries. pure enjoyment.

CAS Week Day 3

i must say this is the happiest day of my college week this 2012!

though there were some issues about the program for CASFA and mr. and ms. cas, everything somehow ended up well. no more pointing fingers now. let's just all be grateful that it's done. 

we were supposed to have an entry in CASFA but our film entry exceeded the duration limit. it's alright though 'coz at least they let the film be shown during the premiere night.

i'm soo proud of ago and joo who were our representatives for the pageant. jonas should've been there if not for his parents' surprise to him. both of them were stunning and gorgeous. they deserved to be there. haha! joo was announced the 2nd runner up. not bad! congratulations to them. two thumbs up! hahaha. monica was crowned as ms.cas 2012! hooray! she really owned the night! she got almost all the major awards. i'm happy she'll be representing our college in the upcoming mr. and ms. lyceum 2012.
um pak! haha!
2nd runner-up si joo!
this is us. :)
rio, jusz, jamie, ago.
ooops! let's not forget yvonne's pasabog during the night! UMPAK! she arrived all done with her full make-up plus the hair extension she got especially for the event. she really gave meaning to the phrase HULING PAPAMPAM!
anne curtis ang peg ng lola mo. haha!
roc, yvonne, jusz!
but i guess i'm the real winner of the night! OM!

i have found a new love, three-day old infatuation as i call it. hahaha! his name is GIO. hahaha. he won the pageant too, mr. cas 2012! o well, what else can i say? i'm so proud of him. hahaha! by the way, thanks to rendell and to all my classmates for bullying me. if they didn't bully me, these things wouldn't have happened. my week became extra special because of him. hahahaha! too bad i won't be seeing him often 'coz my internship isn't finished yet. sad thing. I AM GONNA MISS A LOT OF THINGS! :(((


Sunday, January 15, 2012

mandarin chinese or spanish?

011512. sunday.

it's the third week of the year already, and i wanna start it with a new year's resolution. guess it's not yet too late. haha! well, i am not someone who loves keeping new year's resolutions 'coz i feel that i might not  commit myself to them the whole year. i have read a lot of magazines that give tips about new year's resolutions. so i said to myself why not give it a shot for a change. haha!

and now, i've decided what my new year's resolution would be. I WILL LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE!!!! hahahaha! sounds like fun, huh? haha. i'm excited. i'll only study the basics just so i can understand something else aside from english and filipino. but if i can do more than just the basics, why not! haha! 

the only thing now is i don't know which language to learn. i'm choosing between mandarin chinese and spanish. i think spanish won't be too hard since we already have some words acquired from the language. mandarin chinese is gonna be a chlallenge 'coz i know the words are harder to understand and read. haha! 


i have decided. i am choosing....MANDARIN CHINESE. :) it's gonna be more challenging since i don't have even the slightest idea about it.

wish me luck. i dunno if i can do this. haha! i'll try my best to keep my resolution this 2012. haha!!

zai jian!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

shower me with pasalubong

they went to Bora for the 25th anniversary of Perceptions. it's pretty understandable why i wasn't with them. it had been planned long time ago. haha!

but still...

they did not forget me. some of them brought home some pasalubong for me! yey! 
thanks, ms. raquel! :)
thank you, tita car!!!
thanks, ms. trix and ms. raquel! :)
and thank you also to ms. hazel whose pasalubong for me had been given to her relatives. haha! i undersatnd. i'm still thankful 'coz she remembered me. :)

keep them coming. HAHA.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

my thoughts' safe haven...

010512. thursday.

i used to have a diary when i was in elementary but i found it hard to keep. i didn't always get to write on it. most of the time, the blank pages were dominant than the ones filled with words, so i just stopped keeping one.

when i got to college, it's the time i once again saw the value of having a diary or even just a journal. it was also the time when i realized i wanna write about everything - may it be about my day-to-day affair or just about whatever that pops out of my head. i was not able to check on myself for the past years and what's happening to me from time to time. the feeling is like each day passes without knowing what i've done for the day. and i must say that sucks. that's why i decided january last year to buy a journal and have it for its purpose. guess i succeeded 'coz i wrote on almost every page of it. enjoyed writing that much, huh? haha!

this year, i bought a diary and a notebook. these two will be my new bestfriends for the year. they'll know about me more than what i'll remember about myself. :) what's cool is i'm sure they won't disclose what they know to anybody. well, unless somebody opens them without my permission.

i want a place where i can just say whatever i wanna say without being conscious if someone might get hurt. i want a place where i can just dream even about the most trivial things and be as ambitious as can be without anybody judging me right away. i want a place where i can just lament and be as emotional where no one would think i'm weird 'coz they are not used to it and they think i'm not that type. i want a place where i can be as carefree with my words. i want someone to talk to who would just listen to me patiently and would not interrupt even for one second. i want to talk to someone who would not make a face if i'd say something absurd. i want something where i can just read about myself......and i found all that in a pen and a notebook. they won't say a word to me. they won't blame me for anything. 


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