Sunday, January 15, 2012

mandarin chinese or spanish?

011512. sunday.

it's the third week of the year already, and i wanna start it with a new year's resolution. guess it's not yet too late. haha! well, i am not someone who loves keeping new year's resolutions 'coz i feel that i might not  commit myself to them the whole year. i have read a lot of magazines that give tips about new year's resolutions. so i said to myself why not give it a shot for a change. haha!

and now, i've decided what my new year's resolution would be. I WILL LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE!!!! hahahaha! sounds like fun, huh? haha. i'm excited. i'll only study the basics just so i can understand something else aside from english and filipino. but if i can do more than just the basics, why not! haha! 

the only thing now is i don't know which language to learn. i'm choosing between mandarin chinese and spanish. i think spanish won't be too hard since we already have some words acquired from the language. mandarin chinese is gonna be a chlallenge 'coz i know the words are harder to understand and read. haha! 


i have decided. i am choosing....MANDARIN CHINESE. :) it's gonna be more challenging since i don't have even the slightest idea about it.

wish me luck. i dunno if i can do this. haha! i'll try my best to keep my resolution this 2012. haha!!

zai jian!

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