Saturday, January 28, 2012

from ITALY with ♥

i am madly in love with ITALY. it's just the sweetest place on earth! haha! i don't know. everything about it is just soo amazing - food, culture, art, history, people. i badly wanna be there - not to work or anything else, but to just take a break from all the hassle. you know, soul-searching. this will make more sense in the years to come. i promise myself i won't stop until i get there. haha.

i already listed a lot for my itinerary. like A LOT! HAHA!

i am so into italian cuisine. i enjoy them too much. pizza and pasta! :)

i won't miss the chance to have a taste of the best pizzas from the best pizza restaurants in italy. though i have not been there yet, i've seen and read articles that tell of these two to have very delicious pizzas. o my! i'm dying for their pizzas! haha! pizzeria da michele and ii pizzaiolo del presidente are both in naples. pizzeria da michele is the one featured in the novel and movie "eat pray love." after reading and watching it, i was even more inspired to go to italy. how liz gilbert described pizza there only made me feel my need to taste it too. yes, we have pizza restaurants here but it's always different when it's from italy. they say that what makes pizzas there special is the way italians cook and bake 'em. they do it the traditional way. hay. sad 'coz it seems like i have to wait longer before i can taste one. anyways, i will still try my hardest to achieve this in the soonest possible time. hahaha!

there's where liz gilbert actually ate and studied italian with giovanni. haha! eat pray love influenced me too much that i have become this obsessed. haha. it's all right though. haha. it doesn't necessarily have to be in antica pesa where i'll be eating pasta once i get in italy. it can be in any restaurant for as long as it has the best pastas in italy. haha. i love carbonara, white-sauced pastas! they taste like heaven to me. haha! they have this unique appeal to my taste buds i swear!


they say it is one of the most romantic places in the world. as for me, i don't have to be with someone to experience the beauty and sweetness of venice. just to be there is already a dream come ture. and to be with someone will just be a bonus. haha. 

it's the grand canal that i'm looking forward there. i wanna ride on a vaporetto (as italians call it) or boat and sail as i look and appreciate the dazzling structures that surround grand canal. i think it is better to do it at night where all the lights are lit. what else would be more romantic?
i wanna sail in venice while passing through rialto bridge.

verona was not originally part of the places i wanna visit once i get to italy. but after watching letters to juliet, i got interested in Juliet's House. this is where the "secretaries of juliet" (as they call themselves) work. women from all around the world get there and write to juliet their letters about love. in return, the "secretaries" will write back to the women as juliet. as we all know, verona was the place for the love story of shakespeare's romeo and juliet. haha. these secretaries of juliet are so sweet and kind to give help to those women who seek for advice. i believe that this place is a must-visit for all the ladies out there, especially those who have love concerns. haha. though i may not need any advice from juliet, i still want to see the place and witness what miracle it brings to people. this only proves what kind of people live in italy.

of course i don't wanna miss seeing that famous leaning tower. i believe that is what makes the tower extra special among other famous towers. haha! my trip in italy will be incomplete if i won't visit this tower. haha. 


saw this first in the movie "gladiator" with russell crowe. this place is soo cool. people before used to go there and watch fights between gladiators! oh, i love the action - the animal fights and the chariot races! haha! it's like if i was alive during that time, i'd be hyper as hell to watch who'd win just like how i feel whenever i watch pacquiao fights. haha! this colosseum is soo big that it can hold thousands and thousands of viewers. whenever i see it in pictures, it reminds me of gladiators and how alive the colosseum used to be back then with all the people roaring and shouting. i wanna be there too. just to be there even when there are no more gladiator fights is enough. i'll just let my imagination do its job. haha.

i love the structure too. haha! though a part of its wall (if its really a wall?) was already ruined, it didn't made the colosseum any less beautiful. that's my opinion. haha. for me, the colosseum is one symbol of strength and stability of rome before and even up to this day. i see it as a proof of great power that rome once had. haha.

i first saw this one in the movie "when in rome." haha. this fountain has figures of roman gods. i don't know the story of this trevi fountain but i like it. i wanna be there too. they say that those who throw a coin in the fountain will be going back to rome again someday. haha. i won't forget to throw a coin so that i can be sure to come back. haha!


i bet my trip to italy won't be complete if i won't visit the vatican. o gosh! i wanna visit and pray at st. peter's basilica! i want to experience how it feels like to be in one of the holiest places in the world. i know this won't make sense to some, but to be there is like taking one step closer to the ONE above. i want to attend masses there, say my prayers along with the other devotees, experience the magic and miracle of the place, and get enlightenment from the strong spirit of religiosity in st. peter's basilica.;_ylt=A2KJke1QAXpO3w4Af.SJzbkF;_yl;_ylt=A2KJke1QAXpO3w4AjuSJzbkF;_yl
alongside visiting the church is the chance to see and be at the huge st. peter's square. i wanna see and even appreciate the great architecture of the square. it's like everywhere you look there's a form of great art, may it be a sculpture, a painting, or a structure. everything about it is to be loved. haha. i don't have to be good in art to appreciate and know how beautiful artworks in this place are. i wanna see michelangelo's ever-famous painting "the creation of adam" at the sistine chapel. very lovely! haha.;_ylt=A2KJkK2Ad4lOvjQAgHSJzbkF;_ylu=;_ylt=A2KJkIZ8AnpOlRwA05yJzbkF;_ylu=X3
OH MY! i'm getting insane just thinking of what's gonna happen when i'm already in italy. what else would be more exciting and fulfilling? haha. 

to travel is to believe; to travel is to live.

hay. let this dream trip be my motivation to strive harder and hardest. hehe. for now, let me work my way to getting to you.

i'll see you soon, italy! :)

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